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  1. Thank you so much, I just ordered the EVA-01 and I'm super excited to build it! My first PG, awesome!

  2. That ones super sweet, enjoy! Definitely on my short list of kits I need :)

  3. The problem with that quote is that we’re in the AFC North. There’s 2 teams that are consistently good to great, and a team that has been very good multiple times since sharing a division with us. The few times we’ve been good, we were unlucky enough to find that the other teams were better.

  4. Weren't these the people that were saying we have a woke military not a month ago?

  5. Maybe the Russian propaganda person spoon feeding that to them got conscripted.

  6. AirPods fit in one of my ears no problem, but they will fall out of my other ear if I move at all, no matter what I do. Different people have different ear shapes and different ear buds fit better and worse in them. Spending more money doesn’t fix the problem.

  7. If it’s the pros, consider getting some memory foam tips. I’ve got the kind that have foam with white silicone on them and they are a lot better at staying in place

  8. The same oversight the amazing privately owned power grid in Texas gets

  9. Don’t forget the needlessly difficult family members, many of which embarrass the actual patient

  10. Any tricks to getting the parts off? Just gentle and slow effort? Basically, I think all I need is to get the back panel off to get to the square piece. Everything else should be able to stay. The stickers are on the redparts which is what needs to come off.

  11. Don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s an easy mistake to make! Be thankful you learned now, and not after you started painting, or using extra thin cement to remove seam lines lol

  12. As a sales guy the trick is to eat Lazarus root BEFORE you're really committed to a lead. The reincarnation process is almost needlessly painful and will be a stark reminder why the 10th no really is a no.

  13. My sales guy has been immunizing himself by shooting himself with incrementally larger calibers for years now. He started at .22lr, but has since worked all the way up to being immune to .45 ACP. Eventually, .50 calibers, .700 Nitro Express, .950 JDJ, and even M829 120mm APFSDS-T depleted uranium shells won’t even be able to wound him.

  14. If you’re interested in a slightly less messy way to do this, you can check into the Dispiae quill pen AT-PL. It is used with tamiya panel liner wash, but you can use other fluids like India ink or custom concoctions. Since the ink flows from a fine point, it’s a little cleaner to work with


  16. Oh gotcha no that makes sense Im surprised to hear this. Figured conservatism wasn't very popular with young folks but there's conservative millennials too I guess. Eh, I'm gonna stop taking this meme as factual.

  17. Embrace that we’re hated now, you could pretend Watson doesn’t exist or just mention that we traded for him and

  18. I've seen these before but what are they called?

  19. Mhm! No idea why Bandai thinks they need to charge so much for the godhand. And with the stronger metal it's less likely to break. And that storage box is really nice.

  20. My problem with it is they'll just sell a specific number of units then close pre-orders, regardless of how far it is from close date. Like the HGFC Gundam Rose. It was scheduled to release around April. Pre-orders were supposed to close around March. Instead they closed within MINUTES because they already hit the quota. So if you were just minutes away from ordering, Bandai only goes "Well, boo-hoo. Too bad for you."

  21. I think that there should at least be a “wishlist” function that users could utilize to show desire for a reprint of a PBan. If enough people wishlist a kit, it gets a reprint.

  22. Do you have any advice in general for this kit? I’m planning on building mine over the summer.

  23. Some people suggest using the fingers from black nitrile gloves instead of the bags. The bags are difficult to work with, and you don’t get much room for error if you cut them too short. I think the black fingers would look better, so I’m going to tear my kit down at some point and switch the bags out

  24. TB will clearly be rebuilding with TB leaving TB. I hope we can poach some of their talent

  25. Not necessarily, they can probably talk themselves into being competitive if they pick up one of the vets that could be moving (Rodgers, Carr, Jackson, Jimmy G). Smartest thing to do would probably be to rebuild but some teams try to hang onto a core for another year or two because “anything can happen in the playoffs.”

  26. They’re way over the cap and have had coaching staff turnover. I could see it going either way, I just think it’s more likely they rebuild it

  27. I haven’t been asked to show my vax card at a concert in over a year and I live in blue California

  28. I keep being assured that it is an authoritarian passport intended to stifle free travel, yet I’ve never been asked to show it. It’s not like I’m a home body, I’ve been to concerts, sports ball games, restaurants, etc.

  29. Are the runners the same material as the plastic they use for for 3D printing? If anything else a hobbystore that got a box like this for junk runners could make a small profit out of them.

  30. Small scale filament extrusion isn’t really a worthwhile venture being that filament is already incredibly cheap

  31. Rooting for the bengals to win the Super Bowl is rooting for the Browns to be the only team in the division that hasn’t won a Super Bowl.

  32. Honestly... Who the hell cares? Win a super bowl then. It's not some kind of consolation prize to not be the only shitty team in a division

  33. So many gas pumps had those Biden "I did this stickers." Now that gas is back down, those stickers are hilarious.

  34. Got a good laugh in yesterday getting gas for 2.40 while I was peeling off one of those stickers. Can’t believe people waste money like that. Do they truly believe that vandalizing gas pumps is going to sway voters?

  35. Hell, these loons freely deface their own vehicles, let alone gas pumps.

  36. As the saying goes, a fool is easily parted with their money

  37. Ohhhh you don't say? What an idea there buddy, just buy an iphone that's literally 6 years old, sureee that will definitely have a lot of support from apple and I won't have any trouble fixing it or updating stuff. Definitely better than buying a brand-new android that came out last year for half that price.

  38. Just lucky one had the 2nd best thing and it was a unanimous edge in Garrett.

  39. Yeah, it could’ve been worse. Myles is so good that we don’t even get shit for picking him instead of Watson or Mahomes lol

  40. I've literally never heard of this. My prime delivery options reduced from 2 days to 1 for most items.

  41. I live in a small, rural ish area. My prime shipping is now averaging 4 days or so. It seems to slow down every year around thanksgiving and Christmas , but normally it’s back to 1/2 days by this point

  42. I hated this build so much that I bought the Psycho Zaku VK to go with it!

  43. I played pee wee football and happened to be on that leagues Browns, so somewhere in my house I actually have an authentic “Browns” jersey with my own name on it!

  44. Just got these too a few weeks ago. Any pro tips on using them? Should I be cutting slowly and smoothly or can I do a quick snip? Also do you align the blade side or flat side to the nub when you are nipping?

  45. No clear pieces. Clear plastic is harder, which risks damaging the blade. You’ll also want to avoid cutting thick pieces. Single blade nippers are for thin pieces of the gate, not entire chunks of the runner.

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