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  1. Yeah OP is a 420 year old man who longs for the Renaissance wenches of yore

  2. Have never seen the film, but just looked up the relevant clip. Is that even her underwear that's shown at the end? It almost looks to me like the bottom part is connected to the top, almost as if the dress were designed like a one-piece swimsuit, but with a large skirt covering the lower half.

  3. I assume she's wearing tap panties which where a style of female underwear at the time. I suppose it could be a part of her dress but the connotation of looking up her dress like that would still be lewd.

  4. Was the scene altered for DVD in the Seven Year Itch? Because I dont even remember seeing Marilyn's underwear.

  5. I love living in a country where pretty much the only place to tip is an actual restaurant. Everything else, taxi, deliveries and fast food restaurants no one even expects you to tip. Tho some food delivery apps are slowly starting to ask for tips when you order.

  6. I live in Australia and there's zero tipping culture as far as I'm concerned. I've never tipped and if I asked around I doubt anyone else has. It seems like a horrible business model. Another thing I heard about is the sales tax being added on at the checkout instead of being included in the price.

  7. Felliw Australian here. I've tipped at restaurants when the service was good or there was a big group of us. But yeah, other than that, nothing.

  8. I see something about flag racks too. So they make decals and racks, maybe flags too.

  9. I've always wanted a 1968 Mustang. I have fond family memories attached to that make/model of car. After I was in a serious car accident (not my fault), I was looking online for cars locally & in my budget. Lo & behold, a classic car dealer had one in a beautiful blue shade for $40k. I could pay CASH for it.

  10. I would love a classic roadster, or a 1930s car but the amount of fuel they use is rediculous.

  11. Yeah totally. I’m gonna go do this exact thing right now, in fact.

  12. honestly I used to have one a long while ago, although they were from Denmark.

  13. America's uses the 120 volt grid system which means kettles over there take almost twice as long to boil, which is the main reason they never caught on in popularity. Electric kettles are quicker, easier and more efficient than a stove kettles which is why a lot of the world implements them in their kitchens.

  14. Even still, it doesn't take long at all. It's certainly faster than boiling water on the stove top.

  15. Another hood point. For me to heat a cup of water I fill the kettle a little, turn it on and wait for it to boil. Takes about a minute. Stove tops take a while to heat up, then boil water.

  16. I love seeing women with male strippers, something is so erotic watching moms, teachers, business women, girl-next-door types, etc, lusting after half naked men. The brunette in the black dress with the wide eyes- love her expression and the smiling blonde in the white top- love her smile, they are my favorite women in the picture.

  17. As a man who has a deep voice, i dont get any women 😔

  18. I have a deep voice but it also have a 'gay quality' so to speak. So the attraction is lost.

  19. My psych 101 professor was an Iranian woman who said everything backwards and then mark you incorrect on tests even though it’s what her notes and lecture, which I recorded, said. School did nothing to help. All those Jesuit education values didn’t seem to hold true.

  20. As a guy with long hair, guys who ask you if you're a girl because your hair is long, aren't being curious.

  21. I had longish hair when I was 12 and my younger brother was convinced I was a girl because boys have short hair.

  22. I checked and you're right, users can't add flairs for some reason. That's odd. I'll look into this and get back to you once it's fixed. In the meantime if you'd like me to add a flair feel free to let me know, I don't mind!

  23. Ok you should be able to add post flairs now. I just had to click a certain button. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  24. Honky Tonk mainly. Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn are the first two that come to mind.

  25. Your Wife Don't Understand You is a song sung by Lurleen Lumpkin (voiced by Beverly D'Angelo) in the episode Colonel Homer. The music and lyrics were written by Jeff Martin. It is the fourteenth track on Songs in the Key of Springfield. The song is also sung by Homer in the episode.

  26. Do you know other songs or styles that sound similar? I would like to explore more country songs that sound like this.

  27. these ladies make me feel really good about my body not gonna lie

  28. That's hard cause I think that's why Elvis is "Elvis". He was manly, yet had a wonderful soft side like a female. A strong voice, yet soft like a woman. I don't mean to be rude at all, but it wasn't a gender thing with him. He was who he was and that's why people loved him.

  29. Yeah it's a pretty open ended question. If he was born a girl he might not have had a naturally gifted voice or understanding of rhythm. Same goes for if he was born a different man. But assuming he had the same level of attractiveness and talent had he been born a girl I personally don't think he would have been as successful. Elvis helped bring the black people's Rock N' Roll to the white class and part of this was due to his sexual appeal towards females and his suave towards males. A woman wouldn't have been able to accomplish this. And back to his sexual appeal he barely got away with it let alone a woman.

  30. I usually like Jack Lemmon films too so I have a feeling I'd like this. I imagine the whole lobster farm aspect of the film would be funny 😂

  31. It is. And Doris mirrors Jack Lemmon's frantic acting a little which she was also good at so they work well with each other. They just don't have the same chemistry that you'll find between her and Rock Hudson.

  32. I'm actually working on posting a review of the musical film Young at Heart (1955), it's one I have a feeling you would like.

  33. I feel like there should be something on the sidebar which no one reads anyway or something in the submit a post showing people how to go to frinkiac so

  34. It's a Duesy!! Didn't Gable have one this type?

  35. Yes I believe so. I watched the Elvis film 'Spinout' last night which has a beautiful 1929 model J Duesenberg. It's my dream, unobtainable car.

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