What Donald Trump looks like without his spray tan and fake hair.


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  1. Genuinely surprised the self centered evil bitch lived long enough to die by suicide.

  2. The launcher of Anomaly (AnomalyLauncher.exe) is know to be problematic due some dependencies (sorry I don't remember which one exactly). In order to launch the game just bypass the launcher and use one of the binaries instead.

  3. Excellent advice, I didnt know about the Anomaly Launcher being an issue.. This could help prevent problems the next time I install it.

  4. Once again, who spoke about BLINDLY copy pasting stuff? I literally told you to Google the conmand. Man pages exist. Forums exist also, just like StackOverflow.

  5. Dude. You are the kind of pointlessly aggressive asshole that drives people away from Linux.

  6. Umm… he booked a ticket on the cruise and just decided to be like “Surprise babe, I stalked you guys?” Does OOP not have a shred of rationality in his mind?

  7. Hes a narcissist. Hes the hero of his own story, and not even the burden of reality will get in the way of his narrative.

  8. I'm ugly and self aware enough to know not to inflict my broken ass on someone else.

  9. Wow, how can anyone have the chutzpah to do this. 😳

  10. Not as bad as the guy that took jobs, then hired someone in..china? india? to do it for like 1/4th his pay.. so he just shoved all his work to them, and I think even let them remote in to sensitive systems to od what he was supposed to.

  11. I dont remember anymore about the story than what I said. It was from a long time ago.

  12. I don't see it like that. I think she just kept thinking her good old passive daddy would keep accepting any injustice and disrespect from his princess, until he suddenly vanished and she realised she'd broken the relationship. You can't unring a bell and she had no influence on him ever after. So i believe the remorse, and don't care.

  13. I was extremely close to pulling the trigger on an AMD Radeon 6800, until I saw JaysTwoCents video on the upcoming Intel GPU's. If those 'price to performance' metrics are to be believed, and as long as Linux support/performance is there, I might just wait for an Intel card instead.

  14. Unless you are someone who loves to be on the bleeding edge, experimenting, and has the patience to be OK with not being able to use shit for weeks, if not months, due to bugs and shit.. I would avoid Arc.

  15. I got downvoted heavily in here for saying I wouldn't consider picking one up until they're well-proven. Just based on that, I'm guessing a lot of people will rush out and buy one expecting a perfect gaming device, and then end up regretting it.

  16. Indeed. Actually that shows once again how poor the reddit judgement is many times...

  17. Trump Inc would have been an incredibly simple company to keep profitable, too. It's not like he inherited some challenging company, Trump Inc had been buying land in and around NYC and developing apartments and condos on it. They'd been doing it a long time, had a large portfolio with tons of paid-off properties that produced good money and basically always gained in value year after year, and they had a lot of qualified people working there to make this keep happening.

  18. Didnt he also take a Casino that was just printing money hand over fist, and run it into the ground because he couldnt stand his wife was running it successfully?

  19. As often as I see this happen, I know what I’ve always been told is true: The point isn’t to stop them completely, it’s to deter them and make them want to find an easier target.

  20. Oh, not just on Reddit. Sad closeted attention-seeking soft people in the Real World do it too. They're called narcissists.

  21. Just desperate attention whores trying to find the audience for their ridiculous/made up/completely reactionary bullshit they once had on Tumblr.

  22. Chloe sounds like she spent a little too much time mulling over the concept of OnlyFans

  23. I would wager theres a higher than 0 chance that Chloe is the one doing sex work.

  24. "it is unclear if the teen was armed when she ran toward deputies, or if she fired at deputies at any time during the dangerous pursuit"

  25. Cause they are too stupid to think about it without an STC fragment handing it to them on a silver, unthinking platter?

  26. Some time around 2016, Free Speech™ has just become a synonyme for no consequences for whatever shit I say.

  27. No consequences for what me or my team says, double consequences for whatever I say my enemies say.

  28. Also, you should avoid using slang when invoking your rights. By using slang police can twist your words and say you didn’t actually invoke your rights as shown in this case.

  29. Which is blatant and obvious bullshit abuse of the system, and the people that made that judgement should be stripped of power.

  30. We protested about police brutality. They responded with extreme police brutality. Nothing changed, people lost their eyes, broke bones, and were beaten in cuffs

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