Sander vs. Knife

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Angels and Mariners brawl, a breakdown

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I can't believe I have to explain this, since it's extremely obvious, but you'll need a third sander.

  2. For fucks sake this is becoming way bigger of an issue than it needs to be.

  3. I can let the player stuff go since that's just baseball, but Nevin should receive a long suspension. It's plain as day that he put Wantz in to hit and possibly hurt someone. The premeditated portion of this "brawl" is the real issue here.

  4. MLB really should make an example of him. Very dangerous for a manager to openly say he had his guy throw at batters and then defend it as if that's OK. Should be a perma ban and notice to future managers to never do this again. It's so fucking childish especially when trout never even got hit.

  5. Nevin should not be allowed to continue in the league. He openly admitted to making the pitcher throw at the hitters and I honeslty think that should be a permanent ban from the league. I understand this happens but to be so open and act as if this is what you are supposed to do is gonna lead to a serious head injury one day. He's also just out of control and clearly unfit for the job.

  6. It will never make sense to me why owners keep teams when they clearly can barely afford them. How is it fun to own a losing baseball team?

  7. I don’t hate belorussians— but quite disappointed by their naivety during last elections, they had huge numbers, passive police, actual leader, Lukashenko was literally shitting his pants… but instead of escalating protesters decided peaceful way like if dictator sitting 20 years in power will run away if you talk dirty about him. And as result, dictator stays in power, many peoples arrested or even dead, some forced to fled from own country…

  8. I mean, let's not forget Russia is basically occupying that country. There was no way Lukashenka was being thrown out while Russia is there. The people there are trying a lot to stop them and that's very well shown with the battles near Kyiv and the Russian trains constantly getting derailed.

  9. Must not be going well because in general people have been positive to Belarusians as they have been sabotaging their government and trying to throw Lukashenka out but Russia has too much of a presence there. They are clearly all being held hostage.

  10. If the lakers trade for this douche and give him a max I am done. Unsubbing and done with the lakers until new management is in place. This is such a shity move that every fucking team in the league knows is stupid and here we are. Just play the season out with russ and start over next year. Kyrie will fuck this team into oblivion if he is signed to a long term max. Its shocking how much support he is getting here. PRobably the same people who were excited about russ. I said the russ trade was fucking stupid when it happened and this trade would be even worse.

  11. His wife deleted her instagram, I smell a divorce to be honest after seeing this.

  12. The guy has the skills, tools, and resources to do real help in Ukraine and directly fight evil. I can't blame him for doing everything he can to get back there. I can only imagine the shit he has witnessed and probably can't let it go. That coupled with people he fought with dying over there. One can only imagine the internal conflict that guy was going through.

  13. Right? People acting like he only played 30 games due to some serious injuries…

  14. Yea its was worse. He did it becuase he's a peice of shit who says not to get vaccinated.

  15. Fuck off. Kobe was a genius that spoke several different languages and committed himself to winning basketball above all else. After his playing career, he became a patron of the arts and a serious venture capitalist. You refuse to get vaccinated and think the earth is flat. I’d rather you not speak about him at all because his rep is sullied by your admiration.

  16. It's ok. Kobe (R.I.P) don't need you to get offended on his behalf. So what if Kyrie thinks what he does. Live your life and don't worry about what the next man is doing

  17. Except when his messaging gets people killed by tricking them into thinking the vaccine is harmful. But he can shoot a ball well so let's all forget that he supported anti vaccine propaganda that had led to countless deaths across the globe.

  18. Fuck all you down voting this. Kyrie is a peace of absolute shit. He pushed nonsense that got people killed. He is an elitist monster.

  19. Its got to be. A lot of targets getting hit way behind lines since these got announced that they were in Ukraine.

  20. Texas sure is famous for watching people being attacked and doing nothing.

  21. That’s what Boston fans tried to tell y’all but y’all wouldn’t listen

  22. I just don't understand why any team would waste their time with him. How many times does this guy have to show he doesn't care and will destroy your team for absolutely no logical reason other than he is bored. Just blackball him and let's move on with the league. Kyrie is bad for the NBA. He represents the elitist douche who belittles anyone who isn't a superstar. Fuck him and send his ass home. Let see how he acts once he doesn't have the NBA pushing his nonsense.

  23. Is there any other team in the league that meddle with assistant coach hiring as much as the Lakers. The next hole vogel thing was so odd to me and I've never heard of a coach being treated as if they are a lame duck right off the bat.

  24. Someone in that town needs to run for mayor to disband the police there entirely and rebuild it. Its absolutely not safe to live there with those cops.

  25. Had a feeling this would happen. I honestly hope they change the name again. I hate the association with crypto.

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