1. I read the Guardian review and couldn't believe the description of the plot. It's about the Business Plot but also John David Washington and Christian Bale are in a threesome with Margot Robbie but they're in some sort of caper but also they're drug addicted WWI veterans??

  2. I read The Guardian review and was astounded that this was about the Business Plot, but with a zany caper added to it?? It sounded like a mess.

  3. I think the answer to the opening statement in the article is…he’s not that charismatic. I think having thousands of fans scream in an arena by making the slightest physical gesture/thrust can lead people into believing that someone is charismatic but as someone who likes to hear his music, his presence doesn’t come off as charismatic. He’s not on command charismatic the way most musicians turned actors are like a Jamie Foxx or Cher or Will Smith are. I think he’s just very bland and normal (which is fine, if that’s what he wants to be) but his circle/team are trying to make room for him in a field that requires more than just having dedicated fans.

  4. Wow, nothing to add except this is very insightful. You nailed it. Interestingly re: Sinatra, I just rewatched The Manchurian Candidate on the Plutotv classic movie channel. I'm not a Sinatra fan but at some points it was literally hard to tear my eyes away from him. Even when doing and saying nothing he had so much going on in his eyes.

  5. Continuing my recap of Oliver Stone's Hollywood memoir Chasing the Light. I appreciate very much those who wrote to say these inspired them to buy the book.

  6. I’m not sure if I read your previous tread about Stone’s auto, but did he have anything to say about the filming of “Salvador”. One of my favorite Oliver Stone films?

  7. He could always move to France. They won't extradite Polanski, so why would they bother with Snowden?

  8. Polanski is a French citizen and France does not extradite its own citizens to the U.S. because they consider its justice system is barbaric and violates human rights.

  9. Katy Tur and her relationship... or lack thereof.. with her parent Zoey fascinates me. Mainly because Katy doesn't have anything to do with Zoey personally but recently wrote a whole book about her. Which I guess Zoey wasn't a very good parent, and it's Katy's prerogative to do whatever she wants regarding that. I just find it interesting she both doesn't have anything to do with the person and also has no problem and financially benefits from talking about her.

  10. I read her book, it's not a book "about Zoey Tur" it's Katy's autiobiography, which obviously will contain a lot about her dad. And Zoey was an abusive POS wich obviously marked Katy and impacted her a lot.

  11. Love the shoutout to the League of Gentlemen. That makes like, 15 of us Americans who know of them!

  12. He actually wrote some of his stories as a way to exorcise his worst fears, including the loss of a child. The inspiration for Pet Sematary was that he and his family lived near a highway while their kids were small, and he was worried about the trucks that kept speeding down it.

  13. She just had baby #7 and named her ILARIA. She’s committed to this.

  14. I cannot believe she doubled down on the Spanish names for her kids. How do you not have any shame or embarrassment???

  15. whatever the fuck was going on with Lana del Rey in 2020/21. the question for the culture essay, her meeting fans during pandemic in a MESH mask, “i’ve been inclusive my entire career, i dated rappers!”, her responses to the Capitol attacks… i feel like she’s calmed down with speaking out (or at least i haven’t heard anything new from her) which is good for her but damage has been done lol i haven’t been able to look at her the same ever since

  16. There's a lot of Florence Pugh fans on here, inexplicably to me because she has liked pro-JD stuff and just gives me kind of selfish/arrogant vibes in general. But yeah... people really have taken an odd stance on this issue. As Lainey has pointed out- it really reflects badly on Florence- she's the one who has refused to participate in her JOB whereas Olivia has lived up to every obligation. I'm sick of this place caping for Florence after she almost singlehandedly (along with abuser Shia) threw Olivia under the bus.

  17. If it's true that Florence is immunocompromised and Olivia and Harry broke COVID protocols (which doesn't seem in doubt because there are photos), per the Vulture article, during filming then IMO there's no forgiving that. If that and other stuff in the Vulture article are true, then no, Olivia didn't fulfill every obligation as the boss of the film.

  18. It's not anonymous. There are photos of the director and the colead, breaking the COVID protocols during production at a time before the vaccine was widely available. A movie that could only shoot by agreeing to such strict protocols. The director allowed herself to break the protocols and the male lead to break them because he's her boyfriend, even though he had to film incredibly intimate scenes exchanging saliva and breath with a lead actress who is apparently immunocomprimised with a respiratory condition.

  19. It was always weird to me how they were painted as this romantic couple. She seemed like she could barely stand him.

  20. She was addicted to coke and cheated on him. He was a workaholic who wanted kids. They were not a good match.

  21. Christopher Guest— I believe he’s super loyal to Jamie Lee Curtis.

  22. Jezebel or Gawker once reprinted an old article from a magazine, back when they first got married, which made Guest sound like a bit of a control freak over Jamie Lee. It was pretty surprising.

  23. There have been blind items about Cumberbatch cheating. There's also been some questionable interviews I remember, something about comparing his wife to loyal like a dog which Celebitchy roasted him over back in the day.

  24. People are saying this ruin’s Yeoh’s chances but I don’t think she was ever the frontrunner. I think Blanchett was and still is.

  25. Yeah, I don't see how a supportive 50s mom role to a precocious son is going to anywhere near threaten Michelle Yeoh or Cate Blanchett, no matter how good she is. Especially because all the reviews I've seen have praised William but are firm that she's a supporting part in the movie whereas Yeoh and Blanchett carry their movies.

  26. Apparently Clark Gable stank too & the only one who seems to have commented on it was Vivien Leigh after having to endure his halitosis during the filming of Gone with the Wind. I can't imagine a more overt display of narcissism than having every confidence your body stench is welcome to all, especially the ladies - many of whom have standards that are far, far too low.

  27. That at least was a medical condition. He had severe gum disease that eventually required removal of his teeth and denture replacement.

  28. oh, i wish it was just a blind item. yeah, there have been some blind items on brad pitt being smelly, but after that more and more stories came out about his lack of hygiene - on this sub too. also his co-star, eli roth, said brad taught him to just use baby wipes underneath your armpits if you don't have time to shower. i think he eventually even confessed to not showering for days. and the blind items suggested he had dandruff falling off and just smelled bad when MUAs were close to him and stuff.

  29. I admit that I never stank more than when I used one of those "natural" deodorants. Chemicals all the way!

  30. My father-in-law worked with Edward R. Pressman on To Sleep with Anger (Charles Burnett, 1990)-he’s a rarity in that he’s a producer who is not extraordinarily controlling and has extremely good taste in projects

  31. That's amazing! Stone has nothing but good things to say about Pressman in the book really. The only minor criticism is that he'd been hoping Ed would protect him from Jon Peters on The Hand, but Pressman wasn't that type of producer. He adores Pressman's son, too, and cites him as one of the only good things to come out of The Hand (where Ed met his wife actress Annie McEnroe).

  32. I still think Stone has always been too hard on 8 Million Ways to Die, which is just incredibly grimy, but still highly amusing and incredibly funny in certain scenes. I’m willing to bet he’s responsible for the line “Don’t you like how my pussy hair glows in the moonlight?”

  33. I know this isn’t a celebrity but there is subreddit that bashes Shanann Watts. She and her children were murdered by her husband. People blame her! It is vile

  34. This is #1. Everyone else named is a public figure who chose the spotlight, but all that woman did to get "known" was to marry a piece of shit and get murdered along with her babies.

  35. The Academy can try as much as they want, but the two biggest problems just aren’t under their control:

  36. right! I had no idea either. It's amazing how this isn't common knowledge. I only found out because Mariah said in an interview she would write songs only she could sing (because she has WORLD RECORD BREAKING VOCAL RANGE) so music producers couldn't steal her songs and give them to someone else. this woman is a musical genius.

  37. Just to add, that's a (false) urban legend about her vocal range. There are several debunking articles online but

  38. A majority of them hate the BRF except for Harry and Meghan. Plus they’re accusing Catherine of Diana Cosplay.

  39. It amuses me to see people claim to be anti-monarchists while worshipping Meghan but particularly, Harry. They live in a world where those two are somehow saying eff the monarchy yet name their kid after the queen, insist on using their titles and are fighting for their California kids to be prince and princess (meanwhile Anne, daughter of the queen and working royal actually declined titles for her kids.)

  40. France considers the American approach to sex "puritanical" and tends to take a very different view of sexual politics than we do. On the more harmless end of the spectrum this means they have a greater tolerance for infidelity, and on the more harmful end of the spectrum it means they have a much greater tolerance for sexual abuse and harassment, especially of younger people.

  41. Polanski is a French citizen, not a U.S. citizen, so he didn't "flee" randomly to France. This was covered when this previously came up - for some reason, people think he hopped randomly on a plane to France and they magically welcomed him, not that he is one of their citizens.

  42. When actors are filming a movie or tv show in a different country or a different states for months, do they stay at a hotel or do they rent a house ? Because I was just thinking about how expansive it must be to stay away from home for so long.

  43. The production will pay to rent a block of rooms at a local hotel or B&B for the cast and crew (sometimes even renting the whole facility, depending!) for location shoots. Typically the fancier home rentals are reserved for the director and any mega-star actors at a certain level (Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lawrence etc.) who aren't going to want to hang out at the Hilton Garden Inn.

  44. Classic rock fandom is really funny. And the shipping, oh god the shipping. Apparently the mclennon (Paul McCartney/John Lennon) ship has gotten so popular actual Beatles historians have been asked to comment on it lol

  45. Yes, the Paul McCartney/John Lennon ship is pretty sizable on Tumblr. There's a book somewhere to be written on the insistence of Gen Zers that any two male friends in history must've been secretly in love and fucking.

  46. I didn’t realize there was a crash beforehand…

  47. Yes, after a fight with Elin when she found out about the cheating he took off (maybe impaired in some way) and crashed into the gates of his own house.

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