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  1. The le wand curve attachment I have fits my doxy die cast. As far as I can tell, people say the le wand head and the doxy head are basically identical size / shapes.

  2. The sheers levels of gender envy I've felt while watching him stream in this outfit can not be measured on any scale. Damn you and your hotness, F1nn!

  3. I know right?!?!! I thought I was gonna have heart palpitations at getting so angry at the injustice of life lol

  4. Nope only in desktop mode as it's ran through terminal

  5. You can always do it in desktop mode (mouse and keyboard is way easier) and then save your game after you change the values you want and go back to game mode and the changes will be applied

  6. With the context of your comment in mind, what do you think of L from Death Note? Here’s a picture for reference:

  7. Well I'm not attracted to guys so :P but I dunno they don't look very pyjama like to me, maybe it's cos it's anime.

  8. I metabolize the anesthesia very quickly. I woke up as they were putting me on the bed just after surgery.

  9. Eaurgh I was thinking this today. Looking in the mirror and thinking why should I even bother, I've got a huge skull a huge ribcage, big shoulders, my genes are from like Scandinavia. Eaurgh.

  10. For a start there's nothing to "fix" and also yeah I would. I want to make some myself too. And with a partner. As long as you keep identities private, who cares lol it'd just some fun.

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