1. IIRC the average warehouse is something like 150000-165000 sqft. Can't remember exactly.

  2. Have you ever removed the drawer from the tracks? Sometimes cash will end up there.

  3. What’s the point of using completely obtuse acronyms? You don’t want anyone who is a non employee to know what you’re talking about? Sorry, just a massive pet peeve of mine lol. The burrito looks good though, despite it being about as bland as can be

  4. If yours is indoor they likely do not need a mic. I could see an outdoor one benefiting though.

  5. Managers start at 74k and many just got a raise. Plus a bonus….

  6. Did they use pre-portioned packets or did they give it out in portion cups in Japan?

  7. It was in open space, like ketchup, mustard and onions, self service

  8. oh interesting. I can see how that might be an issue. I mean I have seen people fill the water cups up with onions, mustard, etc.

  9. More non-organic overall. Organic is BS, unsustainable, uses more pesticides/etc and highly-inefficient.

  10. How prey tell did you find that information?

  11. We hit up Costco a few hours to fill up before going to football games and when our kids were little, it was a much cheaper alternative to the mcdonalds type places.

  12. McDonalds is decent if you use the app. I like the $2 McDouble and Fries. Though spend $3 and get a 10p mcnugget free is a decent deal they typically have on the app.

  13. As a previous section comment that is currently being downvoted…. 29,95$/hr to be a cashier (This accounts zero benefits that are also available).

  14. AFAIK, the union stores have a different pay scale than non-union. This is a topic I am not knowledgeable of.

  15. If you can't find it just look above in the steel. Most Costcos will go through nearly a pallet of each type of egg per day. Probably multiple of the smaller packs. Check the date tag on the outside. Should be super easy to see.

  16. The issue with produce sometimes is that it comes on a truck that has both frozen and refrigerated items on it. Separated by a

  17. Instant coffee. It's still instant coffee, but it's better than Nescafe, at least. I know there are some other instant coffees that are as good or better, but Kirkland definitely beats out Nescafe, which has a huge corner of the market.

  18. The Nature's Domain dog food is made by the same company that makes Taste of the Wild dog food. It's higher in carbs and lower in protein, but my dogs have done really well on it.

  19. There are always fun items like this at warehouse openings though you might not see it again.

  20. Check your city's website. Mine lets me have a second, larger recycling bin at no cost.

  21. They are busy typically. These numbers exclude gas. Here are some opening day sales recently:

  22. Compared to what becomes those stores steady state sales?

  23. I will need to check next time I am in, I will look at their most recent Tuesday, and Saturday sales.

  24. Depends on the crew but food court isn't awful. Especially now with how few items Costco offers.

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