I genuinely love bigger women.

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  1. They ARE tasty of you pick older, slightly shrivelled fruits! They taste like strawberry lollies. If they're not yet ripe and swollen, they taste watery and flavourless.

  2. You've got yourself a broody lady. Can be pretty frustrating to get them back to normal, and they often starve themselves. Either give her some eggs to hatch or put her in a cage off the ground for a few days with food and water. You want her to feel a bit cold underneath (where she's plucked her feathers out to warm the eggs with her body heat) and then she should break out of it.

  3. this post resonates with me- not because of arousal, but becaue im an artist. when I do practice sketches to learn anatomy/posing/etc. I tend to draw fat people. rolls on a person's body add so much interesting form. the way a fat person's thighs melt when they sit down... the way round cheeks contrast with the straight contour of the mouth and nose... the way large breasts indicate the direction of gravity... there's so much beauty to fat people. this isn't just toxic body positivity- as someone who spends hours studying the human form, there is genuinely so much about big bodies that captivates me.

  4. I second this! I'm an artist who goes to a lot of life drawing classes, and fat people are absolutely WONDERFUL to draw, just the best models.

  5. I would remove the pots and try and unwind the roots as much as possible. Pot bound plants have root systems that wind together in a circle, and without intervention they will continue to grow that way even when planted in the ground, resulting in a stunted, unstable plant. Either replant them in a much bigger pot, or dig a saucer shape hole, loosen the soil as much as possible and plant not too deep.

  6. I think any more might put them into too much shock. Remove the dead foliage and branches and then let it be. Hard to tell of they will survive but if you see any new growth in spring time I think you'll be good!

  7. Tropical fruit trees like avocados will do ok in a warm, sheltered position. Perennial leafy greens and berries will thrive.

  8. I like the look of reusing steel mesh used for reinforcing concreting. Gets that nice rusted look after a while and is relatively inexpensive.

  9. He totally is at all times except for when he first wakes up in the morning and when he is near the oven and sees his reflection lol

  10. Well someone has to keep his reflection in check! It's a shifty bugger ;)

  11. I'm assuming you need to source a dichotomous key, which you basically answer questions on the plants features until it's been sorted into a family. Just look up dichotomous key with the jade plants family to find a key best suited.

  12. Aw my black cat named Beans passed a month ago, glad to see another Black Bean live on!

  13. Look into buying or making your own poultry killing cone, I'd say it's the most humane way to butcher chickens. You put your chook in upside down and pull its neck out through the hole in the bottom. The cone restrains its wings and the blood rushes to its head, which calms the bird. A quick slice to its neck with a sharp knife and it will die very quickly and with little pain.

  14. Thanks for the love everyone! A little bit about Beans: she was 16, no teeth and with limited vision and came into our lives 5 years ago. She was an absolute tart with no concept of personal boundaries, always on my lap trying to headbutt my face. She was like that with everyone, and was very good at converting 'dog people' to the other side. She suffered from hyperthyroidism in her later years and was very skinny. One day she stopped eating entirely and we had to make the hardest decision. Her last day involved sitting by the fire, being cuddled and cried over. All I can say in her passing is to please give older pets a chance for adoption. I miss her terribly but she filled my life with so much happiness.

  15. I've got combo skin and love nude by nature primer. I wash/moisturize with Cetaphil then use primer and powder.

  16. I don't put jar lids on properly and he picks them up by the lid, dropping the jar and its contents :P

  17. What an obscenely cute picture! I want to touch Peppers fluffy little head.

  18. Dichondra is easy to propagate as it's stoloniferous. Find a length of stem and you'll likely find a part that has grown roots. I'd suggest separating them and planting them more densely and train them to grow over the wall.

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