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  1. Yeah, If I could I would poke crypto with a stick and say "Come on, do something.".

  2. Well, I don't know if this is a crab market.

  3. This thread might need to be reposted to

  4. Is it too late to run up my block rewards credit card?

  5. That's because they don't have them on Napster yet (me in 2001).

  6. Pretty reliable this time of year 🍄

  7. Fuck giant squid, those giant remora are terrifying, and don't forget, the can dive to 3k too...

  8. No, she went there on purpose to freedive with sharks then a shark showed up.


  10. Just bought... I was slightly late for my dca, glad I got held up a few days.

  11. Pretty sure he fired all the people who could implement this the other day.

  12. Man, has another year passed already? I'm still holding my breath for last year's Santa Claus Rally.

  13. To clarify, a sudoku is a number puzzle. Seppuku is ritual disembowelment. I'm not sure either works here.

  14. That's the beautiful thing about language, words can mean what you want them to mean...

  15. The pump is amazing....still ongoing. Going higher slowly but surely. Fingers crossed it can be sustained.

  16. I'm still enthusiastic about the crab market. These liquidation events happen up/down, but they are not sustainable trends either way. Could be a good indicator for people interested in swing-trading, but I'm ambivalent about it. I want to see gradual moves down so I can stock up, or gradual moves up so I still feel good about my past investments.

  17. Big bottoms make the world go 'round.

  18. It's less gay to fuck a dude because then you'll be certain whether you're into it or not. If you say you don't like it but you've never done it, you're just lying about being sure you're straight and that's pretty gay.

  19. That's quite the Uno reverse card there bud!

  20. I don't understand how metamask is a useful tool if just connecting to a website can get your funds drained.

  21. It’s a real seed generated by Keplr, feel free to use it. 🙂

  22. Like sands in the hourglass, go the seeds of our moons.

  23. "according to an analyst". Their art is dope though!

  24. I once came across five candles at the edges of an engraved pentagram on the trail's soil, with the pentagram's center hosting a half-filled transparent bottle of bloody red liquid... Gave me goosebumps, even after taking the courage to smell the liquid and identify it as wine...

  25. I'd like to add to this that 1 million is nothing compared to bitcoin

  26. I will blow the planet up with a "space laser", unless you pay me.... 1 million dollars.

  27. Sorry for beeing an awful human being but $2k is alot of money for me so i would shill it on shitcoin subreddits

  28. I totally do not own a large sum of moons yet I agree with you 100%!

  29. I'm so impressed by your moon count /s

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