Why does Scott still have a job???

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  1. I read somewhere that they use perennial ryegrass at T-Mobile. If that’s the case, the field will be back to normal really quickly.

  2. Bluey is pretty hilarious for 4-5 year olds

  3. I don’t know what else Kelenic can do to earn a trip back here. The dude just can’t handle big league pitching.

  4. He’s been pretty decent since being called back up.

  5. They can't accept the this is basically a STD and those primarily affected by it are gay men. Sorry, that's just the way it is. Sure you can get it from someone by other means but the chances are rare, the fatality rate is extremely low. Can't they just understand that 2 weeks of abstinence will flatten the curve?

  6. The amount of delusion and fear-mongering in that sub is pretty astounding. Any acceptance that it's primarily affecting gay men will be non-existent. #WillfulIgnorance

  7. Aaron was pissed in the 6th with those calls. I love when the announcers let the umps have it

  8. Is it just me or is he even thicker now than he was with us?

  9. Exactly what I was thinking as well. It’s amazing they found a helmet big enough for his noggin


  11. The single-color hair is unacceptable

  12. It’s “oodles and noodles” but idk what the toasters thing is

  13. Haul that troll to the slammer. God she’s terrible

  14. Will they vote differently? Probably not

  15. I would love to somehow get Rick Larsen replaced up here in the 40th.

  16. I was thinking about this combo for mine as well. Any pics to share?

  17. Here you go. The only other mod I did was the ratworx trigger sear which works like a charm

  18. At least she’s not skipping leg day

  19. I’m more pissed that the stupid moose hasn’t taunted anyone in well over a week. Slacker

  20. The city of Bellingham accepted my exemption without accommodation. I worked independent and outside 95% of the time as an Construction inspector. I was fired on December 3rd 2021 for not vaccinating. Mayor Seth Fleetwood mandate.

  21. So ridiculous. That sort of shit pisses me off to no end

  22. I wouldn't say that they can't afford both; but they want to build a long-term contender and taking on Soto may be trading that the future. Julio is priority. Every bit as talented, younger, and already in the M's system. Assuming he stays healthy, he ought to get a long-term contract from the M's that pays him very well. Having Soto on the roster--or at least, his contract on the balance sheet--when it comes time to pay Julio will put ownership in a financial bind. You could have both, but who else will you have on that roster with whatever money is left? The M's have done a good job putting together what appears to be a fairly sustainable competitive franchise. Time will tell if we can consistently make the playoffs, but we haven't done it yet. So, it's far too early to hurt the balance sheet a few years down the line to get Soto and still maybe not make the playoffs this season. Also, who would we have to trade away for Soto? Accumulating top prospects is how we got this exciting team, and I'm not really thrilled about the possibility of trading them away now. Even for Soto.

  23. Shannon Drayer’s take on it yesterday that the Ms would likely only have Soto for 2 to 3 years max, with mainly cash and not as many prospects seemed appropriate to me.

  24. Hey I saw them when I left Kbli a few weeks ago, any idea why they are out there?

  25. No idea. I saw that there was a new fire that kicked up in Lytton, BC but this was taken before that fire started.

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