1. No one asked for ur opinion on someone else’s body hair

  2. This is the internet, I can express my opinion. I don't need permission. :)

  3. Vi and Dorio coulda been good sparring buddies 😭😭😭

  4. It's great that you decided to share these wonderful posts.

  5. But that’s to be expected, they are making a series, not a multiplayer online game, there’s different focuses.

  6. I guess I just have a thing with the term “real character”.

  7. no no, you are right. I meant that in Arcane she finally got a soul, feelings. It improved her as a character.

  8. I can agree on Jinx going to prison for basically everything except "Being too cute".

  9. Jinx in prison, completely unprompted: "I have committed several war crimes against the citizens of Piltover."

  10. Here’s mine: I fucking hated Mylo. And I don’t hate Marcus that much, because he reflects a side of Piltover that we didn’t see with the other characters

  11. The main problem of Edgerunners is the boring protagonist...seriously, if the series was about Becca, it would be much better than this typical anime fool

  12. Dynasties and Dystopia, Guns for Hire, Dirty Little Animals

  13. when your friend stole your toy and you decided to kick shit out of him

  14. Turns out the monkey toy was actually his and he's getting revenge for her destroying it.

  15. At the end of the season, they still have the same relationship. But when Cait finds out what happened to her mother, the relationship between her and Vi will deteriorate dramatically.

  16. well...you can read fanfiction. This will help you get your dose of Arcane :)

  17. I have my doubts about Cyberpunk. I love this universe, this game (despite all the bugs at the start) But I did not understand this anime. The protagonist's motivation is questionable. The Cyberpunk universe contains so many characters and plot possibilities, but the authors decided to take a simple path and make a typical anime about a stupid schoolboy

  18. Towards the end David accepts that he’s going to burn out and die. It’s the tragic reality of Night City that those who aren’t part of the corporate ladder will inevitably crash due to the total dominance or corporations like Arasaka. All of the so called “Legends” die out. His goal then becomes to realise the dreams of everyone he cares/cared about. Completing the heist for Maine, reaching the top of Arasaka tower for his mother and sending Lucy to the moon. He refuses to downgrade his cyberware in the last few episodes because he’s stopped living for himself.

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