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  1. Tu ne consomme aucun bien culturel, réellement ? Pas de livre, pas de musique, pas de jeux, pas de vidéos?

  2. les jeux qu'ils proposent sont vrmt a chier

  3. Ha, il n'y à pas le choix ? C'est pas n'importe quel produit culturel chez n'importe quel vendeur ?

  4. nan malheureusement, le pass t'impose des trucs

  5. I WANT THIS BRIDGE SO BAAAAAAD, will we get it one day ? for those who didn't wanted to spoil themselves the Elysian Realm chapter ?

  6. There will be a rerun most likely, but not sooner than a year later at least. For example, Taixuan Steps and Arc City bridges were added in February 2021 and then were available again in February 2022. So if you just wait you'll be able to get it, just don't miss it again.

  7. i mean that's why i said that i still like Evangelion a lot even if Anno is a goofball

  8. yeah im gonna name my future daughter Kiana (if i have one) idc bruh

  9. of course it's healthy if you do it at home, and not eat it at mc donalds

  10. Kaeya because he's a dude (i play Lumine), i sent him to the coal mines lvl 1

  11. they really can't make the open worlds "restartable" huh...

  12. they cant even make story and archon quest in genshin replayable kek

  13. bruh idc about genshin, if u can replay all the previous chapters, why can't you replay the open world chapters ?? this is so dumb

  14. i mean if Eden was my (adoptive) mom, i would do something else than play honkai fr

  15. the game where u run and you pick up things in the grass

  16. wait his face isn't actually like that right ?

  17. ANIMA basically what if the 3 rd impact never happenned and asukas alive

  18. best game ever wdym, also it's already better than destiny child

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