1. Can I just print a gen 3 frame instead and still have it all work? Or will there be other differences with my lower parts kit? Mag release button, etc.

  2. PY2A says:

    You can use a gen 3 frame as long as you have a gen 3 slide. If it is a gen 4/5 slide, you need to use a gen 4 or 5 frame. What parts do you have?

  3. I'm reviewing my parts and realizing I fucked up. I have a PSA dagger slide which I believe is a clone of gen3. My lower parts kit is from nomad defense and is for gen 4/5. Think I just need to print a gen 3 frame and get a new lower parts kit, since I already have gen 3 rails from you and my slide.

  4. PY2A says:

    That is a gen 3 clone, and a new parts kits would be needed. Get me an order number and I can refund the price difference for the rails

  5. PY2A says:

    That's an oops on my part. Shoot me an email

  6. PY2A says:

    I am in the process, but you will have to patiently await the release

  7. Did you mean $199? That's the price I see now on Microcenter, and that's the lowest I've seen yet. I do like the look of the pro more than the v2 now.

  8. PY2A says:

    They have a $100 off coupon for in-store purchase only

  9. any idea where to find that coupon? my coworkers been asking me if I can build a printer for him out of parts I have and I keep saying no just wait for the microcenter coupon.

  10. PY2A says:

  11. PY2A says:

    That would be a good place to start

  12. Ok thanks mate it looks pretty good to me for my first glock and I barley see under extrusion what do I think?

  13. PY2A says:

    It could be better, but I have seen worse. Did you calibrate your extrusion and dimensions?

  14. Yeah I have my 19 printing as we speak it’s coming the same way less support tho

  15. PY2A says:

    Hope that one turns out a little better with less support

  16. It’s the glocknsky or whatever it is called, I printed your py2a g19 before this and it took 44.3 hours what am I doing wrong I followed the readme. Thank for all the work you do by the way

  17. PY2A says:

    It should print in 24 hours or less on an ender. What is your print speed?

  18. 50mm walls are 40mm travel speeds is 150 initial layers are 25mm top and bottom are 25

  19. PY2A says:

    Bump your initial layer speed to 35mm/s and see what your time changes to

  20. PY2A says:

    This is the first prototype for the new bufferless lower. There will be several changes and possibly some magazine options. This version will get a range day soon to check operation. Video will be posted

  21. PY2A says:

    Unknown eta, it all depends on round count from my beta testers, hoping for October

  22. Will the receiver also be for the maverick 88? Just picked up a kit to keep around for this

  23. PY2A says:

    The receiver will have an 88 version as well

  24. PY2A says:

    I have pulled the affected files and they will be fixed by tonight

  25. PY2A says:

    I will have that up tomorrow

  26. I need help fixing these Cura 5 Ender 3 v2 neo Filament polymaker plight pro My setting is .16 layer height 220/60 40mms Retraction 3.5 at 40mms Tree supports with interface of point 1 Print thin walls on Inside to outside 8 walls Infil pattern concentric If you need other setting please ask

  27. PY2A says:

    It's an FMDA frame, print a PY2A frame instead

  28. will my ave w/riptide rails work with the frame

  29. PY2A says:

    That's my favorite light beer

  30. PY2A says:

  31. Friend of mine baught a similar looking (i think it was a davinci) printer a fee months back at an auction for cheap, wondering why nobody else was biddin on it,

  32. PY2A says:

    There is a software update for 3rd party filament

  33. Oh shit eh? Ill have to tell her when i get back home, any pointers what its called/ where to find it?

  34. PY2A says:

    It's on the xyz website

  35. I grabbed said files off of GitHub from the sight I surprisingly can’t find the read me in huge folder of files related to this stuff also the rail bend jigs are gonna take me forever to print lmao

  36. PY2A says:

    I think the instructions have everything you need. It looks like the readme is missing from that repository. Not too bad for a first frame btw

  37. Ok but I actually wanna print that like it is in the picture 😂

  38. was this printed in a vertical orientation? is this recommended? this is super unique and cool

  39. PY2A says:

    Top down, the front and rear sections prints seperately.

  40. PY2A says:

    I'm going to assume inches

  41. If the LRBHO is in a pretty "normal" AR-9 spot it will.

  42. PY2A says:

    I will keep that in mind. I was able to get the bolt dimensions from the odd sea release, so maybe I will print one. How thick of a shim are you using?

  43. PY2A says:

    Keynesian or Austrian?

  44. Is it on your website? Or part of the .zip and i just missed it

  45. PY2A says:

    It is included in the zip. Look for 'mag catch adapter'

  46. Thanks bro. Great design. I printed in glass filled coexnylex and with the metal reinforcements im expecting this thing to last awhile

  47. PY2A says:

    Thank you! That Coex nylex is the best. That is what I am using on my AR-9 as well

  48. PY2A says:

    Montgo-9 upper on the PY2AR-9 lower, plus the start of a few add-ons specifically for this combo. The folding brace and mag holder will be polished up a bit before printing. The step file released by km3solutions and matador arms was very helpful. I will post more as this project develops.

  49. PY2A says:

    Appreciate it! I wish you as much success as I have had

  50. PY2A says:

    Once I have some rounds down range. Still haven't shot the damn thing

  51. PY2A says:

    Soon, needs more range time than some remixes since it's a new rail design.

  52. Understandable, I'm mainly needing the gen 5 mag release cuz I'm left handed. Keep up the good work!

  53. PY2A says:

    I am as well, but taught myself to shoot right-handed.

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