1. Hello. I think it’s a Vine Hopper, more specifically probably a Passion Vine Hopper. We get a lot of them in Upper Hutt. They have fluffy tufts on their bums as nymphs, then become those tiny brown or green mothy looking things later on.

  2. Might be Huntly and Palmers Somerset crackers? If so, yes they’re still around.

  3. Just the very sight of it, brings back the taste delight of it. I'll savour every bite of it - but later, secretly.

  4. Wow flashback! One of my absolute favourite books as a child.

  5. It’s currently Schrödinger’s chocolate, both terrible and wonderful until I open the block and try some. I don’t know if I’m ready to ruin the dream!

  6. The Chocolate Story on Jackson Street in Petone. Beautiful hand crafted chocolates, can choose your flavours from a big range, and have lots of other chocolate treats and gift boxes and things.

  7. This answer is correct. It’s a bowl the size of a full dinner plate. Perhaps I should have added a banana for scale.

  8. Seems like a lot to go through for like 5 bites of meat

  9. It’s a really large bowl - size of a big dinner plate. Should have added a banana for scale!

  10. Is there a link to order these online? I'm also in NZ and could really go for a Percy.

  11. Depending where you are in NZ if you Google Fred Ferkel there’s a few options. The Dutch shop doesn’t have them online but I can see online shops in Auckland and Dunedin that do.

  12. Super man (it’s not easy) by Five for Fighting?

  13. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness listen to it right now OP if you don't know it and prepare to be blown away!

  14. It’s one of my favourites and part of what prompted this question, along with OK Computer by Radiohead that I’m listening to right now.

  15. Then how about Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails that's also terrific!

  16. Actually haven’t ever listened to that one in full! Thanks for the suggestion.

  17. The movie The Commitments had a bunch of songs that fit the instruments/vibe/uk singer mix you mention. Could be worth a flick through the soundtrack.

  18. That has made my Christmas Eve. Really glad they worked out for you. Dangerous knowledge though, they’re way too easy to eat! I have a recipe for chocolate bourbons now too if you’re wanting to expand the nostalgia trip.

  19. Awww, I’m glad I could brighten your Christmas. They are incredibly easy to eat. I thought this batch might last Christmas and New Years if I put them with gingerbread. But no. They won’t. I’ll have to make more in a week. I would love the recipe for chocolate bourbons!

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