China Is Literally Going Tits Up and Nobody Gives a Shit

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  1. Tanks to protect banks? Rhymes and more importantly sounds like real trouble. Thank you for the insight

  2. Left out the use of dank and stank for the tank at the bank.

  3. Everybody’s gotta price, everyone’s gonna pay, bwahahaha. Money, money, money, money!! Million Dollar Man Jr. is fucked.

  4. Mississippi, permanently stuck somewhere between Biblical antiquity and the Antebellum era (now featuring medieval law!).

  5. Not quite as if true even a little bit the criminals would be consistently hung, drawn, and quartered in a very public place every single time, William Wallace as an example. The oubliette for lesser crimes (look it up). If we were still like that I would bet there would not be as many criminals or crime.

  6. Well OP, for one - not jack shit. He will buy it and your 100 shares will be worth more than ever before. You can thank him later.

  7. “ He said before the ivermectin could be administered to the patients, he was informed that Baptist had terminated his contract. Witcher said he hadn’t ever used ivermectin on any of his patients before but felt they’d be good candidates to try it on.”

  8. The doctor is also quoted as saying he knew his actions were against hospital policy. End of story. Why is this even considered worthy enough to be pushed out there as “news”? Few stories are published regarding other health care providers being terminated for violating hospital policy. Would it have been published were he one of the unfortunate many with substance problems that get caught? This is an opinion editorial designed and published to stir the division on this matter. That is all - and in the end, more views/clicks make more money. All media these days exist for ad revenue. It is naivety to think otherwise. The more polarizing the better.

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