1. Seriously? It’s been documented that the story of Jesus has been straight stolen from multiple religions that predates Judaism… I didn’t say absolutely that “Jesus” was not real, but what seems more logical: a story simply being repeated to continually have control and power over people that could barely read, or a person who just so happened to have the EXACT life story as a handful of other “gods”? WAKE UP.

  2. don't worry, they can still have their J-man while stealing multiple concepts from other religions. It is the old 'pick and choose' that most kristians still worship ("gays are sin, but that thing about not eating shellfish is old fashioned so I can skip it for me! yayyyy gawd loves me"). still happens today.

  3. I hate the big boxes like everyone else, but reality is that stealing from stores raises the prices for everybody else who buys there.

  4. So this group was using 16 year old girls to lure enlisted men back to the church where they were conned into joining and quickly relieved of their paychecks. Huh. Who knew “religious people” could be such scum bags.

  5. "Who knew?" such a surprise, and such good people, it is just the devil got into them. It is the devils fault....

  6. Yeah let me highlight those techniques so everyone can see what she's doing.

  7. Yeah, the absolute bs line “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Even as a kid, I thought that was a weasel line.

  8. and just as bad, "I'm sorry if that is how you perceiveded it".

  9. Amazon doesn’t compare themselves to average companies but to Google, Meta, Apple, etc. So yeah they are fine with toxic culture since they can keep churning through employees because people will still want to work for Amazon.

  10. I’ve read it! It’s a really great book! I’ve also read a dozen of other good books as well. I started buying books about narcissistic mothers about 10 years when I first found out she was one.

  11. yes, me too. Once I realized I had two narcs who raised me, I have been reading everything I could on the topic. It has been validating reading and going "oh yes, totally can relate. Yup, I remember that". As you say, now everything makes sense.

  12. I would argue it is nMother who is less mature, around a perpetual toddler level.

  13. I am concerned that your spouse did not believe you prior to this. Based on YOUR words and YOUR lived experiences. I am concerned that under any circumstances he would invite someone into your home without your permission. Especially that he invited in people you are trying to be low contact with. I can’t possibly understand the intricacies of your relationship, but know that this type of boundary stomping would be a problem for me. You deserve people in your life who believe you, and believe in you. Best of luck in all you do!

  14. Yes, I agree. I am not there, but spouse sounds like a shitty person - "oh everything is ok, what is your problem, why do you want to go NC? they are such wUnDerFUL PeOplE!" Then he spends a week with them and learns they are just the piece of shit that OP said.

  15. but they care so much about you and want to share how much jebus loves you

  16. hard to call opening a door and walking into a church "breaking into a building".

  17. Wow, they told you a thousand virgins? Man, I was ripped off, I was told 72 virgins. (big smile)

  18. It is your apartment. You do what you want. Assuming you were on good terms, you are not required to house somebody who shows up unexpectedly at your door, even if they are related. And considering it has been pretty awful and they treat you and your wife so poorly because of different beliefs. You do what you want, you don't even need to make excuses. "No, you cannot stay here." Just repeat it. Don't try to give them explanations or answer stupid questions, and of course, be prepared for the guilt trip.

  19. Having to buy a fDay card was always the hardest. I could NEVER find one that felt right. All the cards claiming "your my greatest hero and friend" just made me feel bad. Would usually make due with a Peanuts themed 'humor' card in which I only had to sign my name to a single line of wishing a happy fDay.

  20. it's funny how narcs will get outright angry if you ignore them since they are so eager to be seen and noticed. They can't stand it when you don't do that.

  21. When people say "the last book I read was in high school and it was required." and they are 40 yo.

  22. Sorry you had to deal with that, while you were just wanting to help out.

  23. Sorry you had to deal with that, while you were just wanting to help out.

  24. My clothes were never comfortable or things I enjoyed or looked forward to trying on. They were all the items on the once a year sale that she then would go to the bargain table and get me the "clothes I should have". She has no sense of style.

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