1. mmmm absolutely!! It has been soooo long since I've had any intimacy!!

  2. mmmm ohh yeah i love seeing those nips going in and out!! I just wish they were in my mouth instead!!

  3. I think I can take all of your milk and drain your titties for now!

  4. meee pleease!! very nice feet! Can I pleease see your soles?

  5. omg delicious!! Can I pleeease have some right from your taps?! Wifey wouldn't let me the entire time!! I was goin craaazy!

  6. mmmm Nice! Can I pleeease start by licking your soles and sucking your luscious looking toesies? OMG!

  7. mmmm!!! I love it!! you are sooo super sexy, honey!! Love the tiger stripes too!! Can I pleeease drink your milk?

  8. mmmm I am sooo thirsty!! I love boob milk and wifey wouldn't let me drink from her the whole time she was feeding and pumping!! Used to drive me nuts when she'd whip out her big boobs to pump or feed!

  9. mmm I see you are hairy down there! awesome, baby!! I wanna eat out your preg pussy!! mmmm!

  10. mmm can you pleease post some pics of your soles and maybe one of you peeing? yum!!

  11. omg!! one of the most beautiful things, I've ever seen, honey!! I wanna breed you next!! I'm not clipped yet!

  12. mmm I wanna taste your milk when it cums in!!! yum!

  13. mmm beautiful bod!! But can I pleeease cum on your soles? Can you pleeease show them to me?

  14. mmm your areolas are huuuge!! Think I could get my mouth around them? I wanna suck your luscious lookin toesies too!

  15. under and if you have to pee, go right ahead!! I want it in my mouth!

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