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  1. Hello! I have noticed this with my 1month old. What was the outcome of your situation? Did it resolve? Thanks!!

  2. I have a family member, she and her vaxxed up family are all sick as fk right now. Her, her husband, two of their three older kids who are vaxxed. The youngest was too young for the shot. They’ve been continuously sick, all of them, since February. First it was a round of stomach bug. Then everyone had covid. Then one had enlarged lymph nodes that were so painful he had to be hospitalized.

  3. OMG that’s exactly how it’s like at a lot of my friends’ and families’ households. Constant cycle of sickness. Recently my family attended a wedding and they all got sick with COVID despite being fully vaxxed and boosted.

  4. I’m vaxxed and boosted. Haven’t had anything other than normal seasonal allergies. I do think everyone masking up and staying away from people has weakened immune systems though.

  5. No, there’s something in that vaccine! I and quite a few other folks I know masked up and were socially distancing in the beginning as well but never got the vaccine. We all are mostly fine except for the occasional cold. It’s the fully vaxxed and boosted that are constantly coming down with something. I know someone who is fully boosted who got COVID five times!

  6. Legend has it that grandmother’s brother ripped a pitbulls jaw apart while it was mauling someone. I get real satisfaction listening to that story and watching this video.

  7. Shitbulls and their disgusting owners have no place in civilized society. Send them all to a deserted island in the middle of the ocean.

  8. I don’t know about Elvis but the Earth is definitely a plane not some spinning rock made of 70 percent water held up by some mythical force called gravity.

  9. Gravity some bull crap. Probably some college boy made it up to sound smart but it don't fool me none.

  10. This is horrifying! We don’t allow people to keep lions and cheetahs as pets no matter how “domesticated” they are trained to be. Pits have the same predatory instincts as them and yet are allowed to be kept as pets by any untrained Joe Schmo. I freaking see small women and children walking these beasts with filmsy leashes all the time and even morons who walk them unleashed.

  11. The sister of Kayleen Waltman, the mother of three, who was viciously attacked by three dogs six weeks ago while walking to her mother's house along a rural South Carolina road, has had 13 surgeries so far and continues to fight for her life.

  12. Earth is flat. The Heliocentric model is a satanic creation to hide God and make us all believe we are mutated monkeys on a spinning ball.

  13. SS: Seeing a lot of praise for Elon here. This guy is as satanic as they come. Take a good look at his androgynous mother brazenly flashing the devil’s signs. This guy is nothing but controlled opposition.

  14. Guy could be the antichrist I couldn't give a fuck as long has he gives free speech on a fucking media platform, nobody here is idolising fucking Elon musk, but they sure as shit will take the chance to have a platform to give out their opinions without being ridiculed or banned.

  15. “Free speech.” Right... The same guy that tweeted about “authenticating” humans on Twitter and wants to implant a chip in our brains.

  16. It’s completely normal for a pitbull. Wait until one day when she snaps out of nowhere and mauls a child.

  17. my God! The common theme in all these attacks is how their beloved pibbles never showed any prior warning signs of aggression. And yet pit nutters routinely place their children around these loose cannons to gain social media clout or to prove to the world how sweet their pibbles is. Sickening.

  18. Pit nutters are sickos. They are truly the scum of society. Heck I dont even blame pitbulls as much as I blame these fucking enablers. They are sick in the head.

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