1. do you mind if i kind of copy this?

  2. Of course not! It’s just the way it made sense to me so if it helps you, you should absolutely go for it!

  3. For me learning to accommodate double curve did just this. I’m much more aware of how clothes interact with my body and while I’m moving into playing around with my personal aesthetic and having fun with my style I still think learning my accommodations really helps me do that even more because I keep a cohesive silhouette.

  4. I always thought FG but now I could actually see her being a shorter flamboyant natural like Sarah Jessica Parker

  5. Reduced inflammation, more stable energy, a big improvement in my adhd symptoms, feeling less anxiety and depression, feeling more balanced in terms of my hormones, clearer skin, and I sleep better.

  6. I actually prefer to use kibbe in terms of a “character” now. When I first started my journey I thought I was SG and a lot of people agreed. And a lot of people told me I had a gamine essence. However, I’m a working actress and an acting coach and I have never once in my LIFE been cast as a gamine. I’m fact, femme fatale chic would best describe the roles I’ve been cast in. it became a running joke with me and some friends when I was in college because of how often it happened. I 100% have started to love my style now that I embrace that essence aspect more. It feels authentic and genuine to me. But I wanted to add this experience because people may not always accurately be able to tell your essence from a few photos. The way people described the general impression of me on here can vastly differ the response I get IRL.

  7. That's so cool. Actually one of the original mods of the Kibbe sub is an actress and used the system for just that. She found her place as a Soft Natural and it really helped her career to find the why behind what role she's best cast as.

  8. I’m potentially a dark winter and I used to do lots of intense full makeup looks. Eyeshadow never quite suited me. I still wore it from time to time but now I just stick to eyeliner and mascara. I think it depends on the way you look at it. Eyeliner + mascara was a very safe “this will look natural on me” choice. Eyeshadow was a bold “look at my makeup today” choice. The closest I’ve come to makings eyeshadow look natural is by using one dark color all over my lid.

  9. I think dramatic! At 5’7 and with what you mentioned about weight gain patterns I’d look into pure dramatic. If that doesn’t feel right, then I’d explore flamboyant natural as a second

  10. I'm a bit confused because many of the celebs you included aren't considered gamines on other sites

  11. This is super late, but everyone listed here is a verified kibbe gamine. Either flamboyant or soft.

  12. This is why I am strictly into Kibbe for the old hollywood essences. I can dress myself better than Kibbe would, even without considering accommodations.

  13. Is she TR... I don't see narrow. She is a stunner it's not that but why has TR changed?

  14. whenever I encounter something where I cannot have an opinion or question it and it is considered to be fact I consider it malignant and opressive

  15. Ok, we’ll I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion. I’m just saying she verified by the creator of this system. That’s a fact. I’m also stating my opinion in saying that I can see why she is TR. I don’t think it helps me or anyone else understand the system if I sit here and think about all the reasons why someone I’ve only seen in photos can’t be the ID they’ve been verified as.

  16. I would definitely drop the cleanser since it sounds like that is causing a negative reaction. I would baby your skin for a few days with just hydrating products to give it a chance to heal.

  17. Thank you! Been doing just that. A lot less red and irritated after just a day of focusing on hydrating my skin :)

  18. I think she’s a romantic. IMO I think the clothes she wears on the Big Bang theory are “gaminish” and don’t suit her. Make her curves look constricted so she looks frumpier. But I think that’s purposeful!

  19. I’m fairly active on the main sub and I have to say, yes. I’ve made a lot of posts trying to break down the whole idea of each type having one stereotypical style and the more and more I’ve involved myself in kibbe the less important it is to me. It’s helped me in terms of knowing my accommodations which has helped me so much.

  20. It's so cool to me that you agree, I followed your SG vs TR posts pretty closely because I was wondering the same thing about myself at the exact same time haha. And I've really appreciated your posts about breaking stereotypes. If I really sit back and reflect, I haven't changed my style very much since figuring out my type. I incorporate certain silhouettes more and accepted that certain things will never look a certain way on me because I don't have the frame for it and that's okay! But when it comes down to it, yeah, it is decreasingly important to me because you know what? I don't want to wear shoulder pads! I don't want to wear an asymmetrical hem! I want to wear chunky shoes! I want to wear a turtleneck anyway and it doesn't make me an SG! I don't think those desires makes the system wrong for me per se, but thinking about it and seeing your posts helped get me to the point where I realized it is just one interpretation of how fabric ideally interacts with the body to create an image and a lot deviations are just different, not bad.

  21. Are you only using Reddit and YouTube for kibbe info? There is a lot of misinformation and kibbe typing is less about your type as you can be a mixed type and is more about where you need accommodations.

  22. This is such a helpful comment, because as someone who’s fairly confident in their choice of ID I have noticed there’s a lot of misinformation about this system just about everywhere. Especially for those of us who aren’t on Facebook! Thank you for shedding light on this

  23. It is strange. I’ve felt weird almost all my life as a yin type because I was short and soft. And even at thinner weights, or when I was more fit I was never toned. Went through periods of feeling very inferior to people with more “modelesque” features. But I really love this photo because despite how totally different their bodies are they’re both extremely beautiful women. It lets you appreciate the differences

  24. TR!! I just posted a girl on this sub named Angela Aguilar and you have very similar features. You both are vv pretty 🤍

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