Fight breaks out at Minneapolis airport

I needed this today

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. This a GOOFY ass post man 🤕. I mean sure it was a little toxic but don’t come on here posting like that bro u look like a little kid on here wanting to copy what he sees. If you’re not in it don’t get in. If you really want to get in anyway read and read don’t ask like that bro it’s weird yk? If you didn’t notice I’m not the only one who found this weird.

  2. No i dont know. Whats wrong with wanting to copy what one sees if he likes what he sees. How tf you think Kobe became like MJ? If i want to be a millionaire investor then i copy millionaires but when it come to sipping lean then its weird? Please explain how that makes sense? Its in our human nature to copy what we see. But youre trying to tell me something weird with me bc im doing something that comes natural. How you gonna tell me not to get in it? Did someone tell you that before you got in it?

  3. No one told me anything I did my research because I was intrigued same as u G. I don’t necessarily mean asking questions is weird it’s just the way you put the question it made you look like a kid from TikTok with the GIF and everything😂. You can probably easily educate yourself on it through questions online or sum lol. Cannot lie shit funny af I wasn’t mad over it 💀 it’s just like imagine you went up to a dealer or something and you’re like “hey bro! How do I sell drugs like you??” (Just an example I’m not saying we’re some top notch thugs or something😭 but yeah hope that clears it up for u G)

  4. Funny thing is he ain’t man enough to accept being called out… he went to then “we” type shit stomping dude out lol he scared to lose in front his people from new dude

  5. Nah you buggin. In the full doc he got put in the hole for stabbing a dude that tried to take his shoes bruh not bluffin.

  6. Lol i just said it cause its a rap lyric but i also had a feeling 😂👌🏻 enjoy broski

  7. Hey big fella there iz no DMV without the V. Anyone who say otherwise just bitter and hating.

  8. It’s between Travis, Young Thug and Future

  9. travis isnt even a trap rapper he dont rap about selling bricks, plugs, ducking 12 😆 yall kids is something else

  10. I actually wonder what the processing speed difference is between these modes? You know? See how much faster the phone is between the modes

  11. i just made a post few minutes ago about Rick Ross disc for disc including mixtapes is legendary

  12. @.49 that wallop sound lol that was the funniest shit ik im wrong for laughing but that shit sound like it smacked tf out his head like on the wrestling shows

  13. cant even fkn watch the shit bc the pop up takes you away from the page the battle is on get this dumb shit fixed

  14. What number are you calling? I don't understand this because I'm getting through at a high succes rate...hit 1222 at the different automation don't wait for the automated voice to finish each soon as the first voice starts hit the buttons and I always end with 2 for a new claim even though it's not. Idk if doing that does anything but it's been working for me. 667 207 6520

  15. You have to be persistent buddy and use some will power thats the only way to get them on the phone. I call back 2 back until I hear the music play. Sometimes it takes 10 tries sometimes it takes 3 or I've had to call 15 to 20 times in a row before but I got through everytime no matter how many it took. I've hit on the first try a couple times. 667 207 6520.

  16. I'm stuck waiting to be called by the adjudicator. How can I spread that process to get the call soon.

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