1. the fuck is vegito doing here at a place that isn't the leader slot

  2. Super vegito and android 17 won't work that well as a team due to them being entirely different tags, but you can put super vegito with other fusion warrior characters and android 17 with other android characters

  3. Oh ok didnt really know that. I got the game about a week ago so still learning a bit

  4. There are purchases being made on my ps4 account that i dont have access to the email and dont have the password. Please help!

  5. Looks cool! Though it would be nice with some more numbers, but its still better then what i could do.

  6. Holy fuck that's painful, but a fresh start does feel very good. Here are some tips, focus on maxing out your minion slots, account upgrades and heart of the mountain for the first few months. Mining is the best ironman money method, minions make life so much better. Gl

  7. Did you instal 1.8.9 version of Forge?

  8. this doesn't even make sense. it would need to be under at least 12 regular village buffs for it to be able to have 4 4xx, x2x and xx2 village buffs each at the same time

  9. Its a bug where if the game syncs too much everything gets buffed. Also wow 4 strikers

  10. So do you give a 2-4-0 Camo detection or do you use the 0-4-2?

  11. Dark knights usually struggle against BAD insides, which this guy can easily nuke. But dark knights better for general DPS.

  12. Try waiting. Everyday I've been getting 24 hours older so it seems to be working. If it doesn't submit a bug report to whoever manages our universe.

  13. Lmao I do same thing but with boomer instead of engi, and it honestly works pretty well. Tell me how it goes!

  14. Update: have won a few games.(i hate that hexagon rock map) got t3 bottom on engi and aiming for trap rn. T3 top path spike just shreads everything tbh

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