1. Georgia lost control of a chunk of its territory and yet the West continued business with Russia as if nothing happened #neverforget

  2. He could also arrange for himself to gain permanent power, like his dear brother Putin did

  3. Finns made such effective use of difficult terrain and hit and run tactics that they inflicted around five times the casualties they suffered.

  4. That would be great but we're not even allowing Ukrainians to fire some missiles on Russian territory, let alone go on the offensive.

  5. "We will build a christian ethnostate, and the EU is gonna pay for it"

  6. There are 36 million registered republicans in the United States and far more republican voters.

  7. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham all run segments promoting Orban and they have a combined audience of 11.5+ million people. That is just traditional media. Orban is the keynote speaker at CPAC which is the main and largest conservative conference so tbh I'm not sure I'm buying that trope. Not to mention social media, Breitbart, Newsmax and dozens of other outlets.

  8. Eastern front is very misleading. The picture is nice, though. Feel free to post it on

  9. I wanted to go with eastern flank but that is misleading. NATO's eastern front is the correct term (Flanks are to the south and north)

  10. It's disgusting that one of the main enablers of Russian aggression against Ukraine, who pushed for Germany's dependence on Russian gas and helped to finance the genocide is not only not under investigation but still appears on magazine covers

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