1. Syo på universitet var guld när jag skulle börja, snacka inte skit om syos bara för att majoriteten är lata ☹

  2. Odd that materialist needs babysitting. If everything is at a stable plus everything should be ok right?

  3. In Putins deranged little braincell there is obviously a CIA spy hiding somewhere.

  4. I agree with your comment but can't help think if this does become a broader, worldwide conflict I wonder what countries like Venezuela, Korea, China, Saudi and even Iran, and to some extent a few countries in Africa would do. Especially if North America gets involved I can't imagine them working for the 'greater good' in any capacity to help the United States or even NATO for that matter. But I hope I'm wrong. ✌️

  5. Venezuela and North Korea are literally starving, has military equipment that was outdated before the 80s and economies that makes Somalia look advanced.

  6. I dont believe it until The Economist has confirmed it in an article!

  7. It‘s really the stupid timeline we‘re living in. A coalition Russia-Iran-North Korea sound more like a plot for Call of Duty.

  8. Can anyone explain why modern military hardware is in private hands? I thought you needed special government approved licenses to own these? What use would a private company ever legitimately have for owning them? Maybe it's a mistranslation because this doesn't make sense. Private in the sense they are under a regional government not the central government? They should be seized if true.

  9. Sweden is so low cause they’re selling of 14 year old girls to their Arab brethren.

  10. I'll have you know those five camels eat less then my daughter did so I won!

  11. If money isnt the reason, I'd rather spend more time with my family than live in other city just for the experience at such young age. The attachment in scandinavian families have compared with ours is fascinating to me.

  12. I Bamse finns inga målkonflikter. Allt är så jävla enkelt. Kalle Anka är en strävande ensamstående pappa som försöker få saker att gå ihop. Och der har han varit i 90 år. Kalle Anka är en förebild!

  13. Han är en barnagande, arbetsskygg, ekonomiskt inkompetent, lättstött odugling som springer runt utan byxor!

  14. This is basically the plot of House of the Dragon. If you think about it...

  15. House of the Dragon and GOT is basically just medieval Europe with other names.

  16. can confirm, just married my great-granddaughter two hours ago

  17. So you are just going to give away your secret lovers daughter to some count-level bum!? That's disgusting! >:(

  18. Everyone under 180 cm are "living bullets" if there is a war.

  19. Vi har även upptäckt att himlen är blå och att solen är varm :)

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