Twitch bans gambling

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  1. If you gave Zash a new body she'd just attack you, Khem's body is stopped by the force from attacking you

  2. I wanted Hondo to have a team comprised of the padawans from the clone wars

  3. I always thought Cohhcarnage looked mean, then i watched his stream and was surprised by how incredibly nice he was

  4. I bet Bioware just didnt account for this back then, i think most people flirt and dont regret it later on. He counts as romanced technically but you can headcanon it as his relentlessness, it wont lock you out of anything in the future.

  5. That's what I mean. Is it: 1)Emperor/Empress 2)The Hand 3)Dark Council

  6. The Hand is answerable only to the emperor, and so is the Dark Council, so they would be parallel in the hierarchy, only difference is The Hand is in charge of the war and the Dark Council is an administrative body handling domestic affairs

  7. This reminds me. We really need a new character title pack. It's been a verrrrry LONG time since we've gotten any from the CM even. It would be nice if our characters could have the titles they now hold. To my knowlwdge only thr Trooper actually gets a new in game title post KOTFE of Colonel. I feel like this "want list" could be a whole new post though...

  8. Yes! It bothers me endlessly that we get these new titles but they arent real equippable titles, they've historically given us titles, why didnt they this time???

  9. Would love to see people post art with these prompts

  10. Why do these people always have the same profile picture

  11. The Bounty Hunter has a lot of cool tie ins with the Mandalorians in KOTFE and even current content

  12. Because this is a role playing game and there is no reason in universe for Lana to support things that could come back to bite her and you in the ass. You are thinking like a player, not like a character.

  13. Yes, i know i am, that's my point. Im not looking for explanation as to why she advocates for this stuff im simply pointing out how absurd it is that Bioware made our "advisor" advocate against all their "super rewarding lightside decisions"

  14. Because she’s not lightside. She’s a sith. Her job is to protect us and our interests selfishly. It’s against her character to promote light side and forgiving tendencies

  15. Yeah, so if you're playing a lightside charactee you pretty much just have to ignore everything your advisor says, making her purpose in the story more bureaucratic than anything

  16. I know that the protagonist is always described as very youbg whenever age IS mentioned, but i would imagine so

  17. I dont know how anyone survives the cannibal hunters start

  18. Bounty Hunter has the most connection with the recent content

  19. She was talking about the time she got banned for "racism against white people" a few days ago and showed her logs

  20. I'd like to see him do it in a place where the demographic isn't your fellow peers going to the same school. I have social anxiety, but I feel like I could do it in a place where I'm surrounded by people who are on a similar level of understanding my "quirky tiktok social experiment"

  21. People who arent your peers will genuinely care even less and you'll never see them again

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