1. Well, since you asked, mostly because I can't think of anything meaningful that this potential FPS might bring to the table that other IPs haven't already done better.

  2. I mean, no IP has gone anywhere near an MMOFPS linked to an existing MMO title. Dust was and is the only game I’ve ever heard of doing that and I’d fucking love CCP to take a run at doing that properly again

  3. For sure. We're not talking about Dust though, this is an unknown hypothetical game.

  4. If there’s no rewards for being there then literally what is the point. You’re describing “docked in a station” right now.

  5. As I mentioned in another comment, it also describes the Test Server.

  6. Having taken part in many, many variations of "I Did Not Consent To 'Always On PvP' In This 'Always On PvP' Game I'm Choosing To Play" my question regarding Eve Online specifically nearly always ends up being:

  7. Fun. Guess we're on the side that doesn't have Fullmetal Alchemists.

  8. They don’t seem to like people who aren’t from Iceland, tbh.

  9. You know, weirdly that tracks with more countries than I wanted to believe growing up.

  10. Serious question for you OP, and I am genuinely not being an asshole here if it reads that way at all:

  11. Doesn't matter. New tech is always fun to have.

  12. I looked it up and I'm still confused by your comment.

  13. Are you using any "mods" ...i am and is what caused this.

  14. There are mods? What was the one you had doing?

  15. Please don’t do this. It makes everything hell. When you can, limit access to capture points with iron hedgehogs.

  16. Summoning Druid has been a blast for myself. All my points are in the middle line with 1 in the pre req on the left and this guy has been tearing through stuff on Nightmare. I'm just starting Hell now so I can't speak about viability in Hell, however, my gear in Nightmare was focused mainly on MF so if needed I have a buffer to work with for regearing.

  17. Based on their own policies I'd say "Nazi" qualifies as 2.1.8 - the official "list" though is kinda wild.

  18. So far (North America HC Ladder Normal) the one person I've seen join any of my public games was when I had just rolled a new character and was at the start of Act 1. Random Paladin 10+ levels above me (like around 13 or 14 I think) has loaded in to the camp. I'm just outside the camp and figure if they're sticking around they'll probably come to me when they see I'm just starting or will drop a portal so I can join them.

  19. Oh, follow-up question, hope does telekinesis work on console for item pick-up/chests?

  20. I haven't been able to figure out how to "see" the "pointer" on console for casting spells. If someone knows how to, or if you can, do that please let me know!

  21. Your launcher should be telling you about the outage.

  22. What exactly do you think comes up when someone does this? Just, out of curiosity.

  23. I'm not out of Normal yet but I'm there chugging along. Right now I have a 28 Druid who is deep into bear shape shifting and I'm not sure how Diablo is going to stack up...

  24. Theres nothing stopping attribute implants just giving a flat sp/hour boost.

  25. This is very close to what I joked about the upcoming rework actually being. The main difference was that CCP instead defaulted everyone to 1 (instead of 25) across-the-board, Omega added 14 to everything (15), and started offering premium learning implants for those pilots who have Omega and want an added edge. As part of all this alpha accounts have regained the ability to dark train, even if it is at an extremely slow rate.

  26. Nice! I do wonder how long it'll take for someone to start offering a 3rd party trading "service" for trading cross-platform. That is, unless you can't trade items that were acquired on one platform with a different one.

  27. Thank you for everything you provided for the community and all your dedication over the years to improving the user experience for Eve Online players. Seriously, I mean that 100%.

  28. I didn't end up needing a second PC dedicated to streaming with my setup, which I'll post below, with the exception of when I'm streaming Xbox Series X stuff I do use my PC as the streaming client rather than the built in console one.

  29. I'm curious why you think it's your internet speed causing issues, and what issues those are. Short of something like assets being streamed to you on demand (which isn't the case here if memory serves) there generally isn't a whole lot of high-speed/bandwidth required network traffic being generated in most of the multiplayer games I've played in my life.

  30. Fair enough! Best thing I can suggest for what you've described is checking the health of your connection, and sadly the site I used to recommend for checking packet loss has been shuttered ( so I hesitate to recommend any sites I haven't vetted.

  31. My one hope out of all this is that we're NOT seeing an example of a MMO that doesn't use overall active player numbers as a metric of success and that this is just simple mismanagement. If, however, they're bringing in enough revenue from new players through ancillary transactions that lost subscriptions from older players don't matter to them... That's a problem likely to get worse industry wise.

  32. There was actually a lot of substance in it, the introduction of Frontline mechanics is a major shift away from the current system one that the FW has often suggested as a potential revamp. And add to that actual objectives beyond the simple pendulum of FW is huge. Shit like The Amarr empire declaring a reclaiming on a system like they did for Floseswin and as a Minmatar pilot fighting that invasion is exactly why I play Eve.

  33. Oh cool, when's the FW stuff you mentioned getting added?

  34. CCP loves to talk up and throw money at projects/features and then abandon them.

  35. I think they're capitalizing on a cycle of the older playerbase quitting and the new players not really understanding why that's happening or thinking that the reasons are disproportionate to the action being taken.

  36. The problem is, they don’t have enough new players to try to play that game. This game is already tanking

  37. Pretty much. That's one way to end up with your 20ish year old game having half its active players join in the past few years while also not seeing substantial growth in the overall active player numbers.

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