1. Gotta say, surprised a helmet costs $450. What kind of metal is it made from?

  2. Kevlar, not metal. High end ballistic helmets made with kevlar or other modern materials can easily set you back four figures.

  3. IP17 isn't a gun ban - try again. It is a permitting system similar to what is already the law in Massachusetts.

  4. Imposing a draconian licensing system on Oregon would amount to a de facto ban on firearms ownership for those unable to afford the licensing fees or other requirements. It is also a cudgel for the authorities to wield against low income citizens and people of color - again, those who are unfortunately the most likely to need an efficient and handy means of self-defense against armed criminals. Like it or not, admit or not, you are aiding and abetting violent criminals with your support of measures like IP17. It's unconscionable.

  5. Lmao, delusional. Our current system is draconian in that it fails to provide sufficient protections for people who want absolutely nothing to do with gun violence. The rest of the world has already figured this out.

  6. "Astroturfing." I do not think you actually know what that means. Black Americans and women are purchasing firearms in record numbers these days thanks to the growing realization that law enforcement in this country is an absolute disaster and will never be there to protect you from crime, regardless of where you live:

  7. Immediate upvote for title alone. Makes me wonder if the drone operator could tell what was going on when he, um, unloaded.

  8. Just keeled over like he got smacked in the back of the head with a hammer. The lack of dignity is perfect.

  9. Mt St Helens is nowhere near Oregon, although one can see it from there on a clear day. I’ll cut OP some slack, they are obviously a tourist.

  10. I don't get the Bs at all. We aren't going to be good for 4 years by the time Sharpe is good. We need a vet to have any hope of being relevant anytime soon. I can't wait to see where Dame and KD decide to team up.

  11. If you’re not fully smoking, snorting and shooting the hopium in this sub you get downvoted to oblivion. I agree with your take fwiw.

  12. Not quite. The article below is about a record amount of money they just approved to spend on dealing with the homeless issue. It was finalized last week I think.

  13. Distinction without a difference. And even more discouraging considering the massive sums that have already been expended on this issue with nothing to show for it.

  14. You’re claiming there’s no difference between spending money and not spending money. Think about that for a second.

  15. Money already spent as opposed to money that is approved to be spent in the coming fiscal year; in terms of the debate that is going on in this thread and elsewhere, that is a difference that really doesn't matter unless one enjoys nitpicking. But it is important to note that the large sums spent in recent years with nothing to show for it are a good indicator that the newly approved funding will be good money thrown after bad. If past results are anything to go by, any impact it will make will be negative and exacerbate the problem further.

  16. This is absolutely standard for EPD and has been for decades. They do not care about violent crimes, let alone property crimes. I'm sorry to have to drive this point home.

  17. Because it does not benefit banks and their owners to raise interest rates on savings accounts.

  18. Thanks! We just recorded an EP (these exact songs) on Sunday, so should have an actual coherent version of these soon.

  19. Sounds plenty coherent enough for Dante’s! That’s a fun place to play and one of the last Old Town clubs left that still does good rock shows.

  20. My favorite little town in Oregon is Kent along Hwy 97 in Sherman County. It is as peaceful as it gets and the wide open landscapes never get old.

  21. This really is the new normal with no end in sight. It's not even a wave anymore.

  22. Wilsonville has a “Boston Pub”. You would like the area. Your budget is not going to cut it, though. Oregon is expensive. Good luck.

  23. I agree, but Wilsonville is nice. I prefer Wankers Saloon across the street.

  24. Wankers is a little better as a pub and a LOT better as a name.

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