1. Your Papaw seems to be your childhood anchor, even after his passing. Normally, it does "get better" and the crushing bouts of loss become less frequent. Your's doesn't seem to be the case.

  2. Thank you, I’ve never heard a better, or more kind, perspective. I had actually just returned from a pond at the end of my neighborhood when I read your comment, my grandpa and I used to go fishing together all of the time and spent a lot of time in nature together. I did talk to him, which is something I don’t usually do. It was as comforting as you said it is. Ironically, I have an anchor tattoo on my hip with the quote “sail away into seas” with my grandpa’s signature underneath. I typed this post while I was at the pond, I read your comment 30 minutes later once I was home. I thank serendipity and the universe for your perspective, as it was definitely an intense bit for me to read, in a good way.

  3. Absolutely valid. I hated being pregnant. And there was one this one coworker, who actually touched my belly! Without to ask. With this dumb comment, aww how cute my belly was. I just wanted to chop her hands off. I'm still furious.

  4. I have a coworker like that too, she’s more than obnoxious to me. It makes my blood boil daily.

  5. Ok, is this about being single? I’ve been single for years through choice. I quite enjoyed it, although right now it would of been nice to have someone to lean on. Do you have any friends/family? Soon as your happy single you’ll meet someone btw. If this is all about that then I’m sure your problems can be solved

  6. No, a little more complex than that unfortunately. I’m married, I’m in love with my husband, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t in love with me. I’m pregnant, and I have nobody to lean on for emotional support, and my toddler, fuck I love him so fucking much, would probably be better without me. My mom lives over 350 miles from me because she moved last year for a job opportunity, which is fine and totally understandable, but it’s still lonely for me. I’m so tired, I can’t sleep, I spend all of my time laying in bed thinking and listening to the same 4 second loop of one song over and over and over again until finally I get a couple hours.

  7. So this is a tiny thing…. But have you tried rain noise? When my child was a toddler he had this teddy that played it, did nothing for him but I was out like a light. Alexa can play it if you ask her?

  8. I haven’t tried rain noise, but I’d be happy to give it a shot.

  9. Tried pulling a banger out of a rig to clean it, didn’t realize it was so sealed from the cool reclaim and pulled it too hard, banger broke at the neck and sliced my finger clean open. No stitches, thankfully, but a pretty nasty gash and a lesson learned no doubt.

  10. Get offline and get some exercise. You’re too inyour head. Start with a walk. Exercise is like life magic

  11. You’re right, you couldn’t be more right actually. I’m stuck on making excuses, 17 weeks pregnant chasing a 3 year old has me exhausted. Trying to find the time to take a peaceful walk is pretty sparse, more or less a peaceful shower or bathroom break.

  12. You lucky lucky boy. I’ve been rocking an epic for weeks and it’s killer, I’m so curious how the purple is different

  13. Good for you, you deserve a medal. An actual Prince Valiant, everyone.

  14. Bruv you made porn because you were too lazy to get a real income. Compared to you I'm not just valiant, I'm a fuckin saint.

  15. Was already working 40 hours+ a week, struggling as a single mother who had recently left my toxic partner. I’m not going to sit here and continually explain my situation to somebody who’s apparently chromosome deficient, though.

  16. He did not do it, it was preset like this when he came in for his shift. It was immediately corrected.

  17. Your fiance needs se lessons in cleanliness. This is why i dont go to coworkers houses

  18. He did not do this, it was like this when he came in at the beginning of his shift. It was corrected immediately.

  19. Hey, show everyone how strong you are, don’t let this make who you are. Your so strong and to give up now ? Keep going for your babies, trust me it’s so hard growing up without a mum or dad, think about your hurt and then think about the hurt your babies will feel when they’re older. You have to push through for them

  20. For sure, I’m really doing my best. Honestly I think I’m just shocked at this point more than anything, he’s said some really hurtful things that honestly I’m not sure at this point how to heal from. I’ve tried to be everything I can for everybody who’s ever needed me, especially him. I feel like my use has just ran out.

  21. Don’t change for anyone, your perfect and made the way you are for a reason, people will change for you in time, just show them your a better person and they will know their mistakes. But your are so strong and irreplaceable, no one can change that

  22. I think it might look like that because of the translucent pink mouth piece , but I definitely don’t wrap my lips around the rig when I rip it.

  23. You and my girl would be best friends. Y’all both have tatts and vacuum lungs😭

  24. This is literally so wholesome in the best ways , your girlfriend sounds awesome.

  25. You got a link to that carb cap or something similar? The one i grabbed doesnt match well with my banger and ive noticed flats seem to do better

  26. Unfortunately I don’t, I honestly lucked into finding this one at a local head shop. The spacing is really great, and the grooves are decently deep and it’s shaped kind of like a lotus, also it carbs from both sides. Hope this helps on your search, wish I could help more 😭

  27. whats the temp!? looks heavy 💨💨💨

  28. Hit it right around 450, found that’s the best temp for this particular banger.

  29. Wait, what?? He was trying to tell you a QP doesn't weigh 112 grams, but didn't have a weight he thought it was?? And he said YOU don't know weights?? How tf does he not know how to do the math on that. 28 grams is an ounce. Multiply that by 4. Not that hard??

  30. Nah bro I’m telling you what, this man sat and argued with me and called me an internet clown for damn near an hour before I told him he was adorable and then he never replied. I was wrong for using technical math, and street math. Man had me questioning my sanity.

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