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  1. Really? Last time I played a game with Danger Room and Deadpool, Deadpool died EVERY time, even without the animation to kill him. I believe he was a 1/16 at the end of the game.

  2. You’re that “opponent” guy I’ve heard about.

  3. They shouldn't be allowed to say anything that affects anyone.

  4. With people like you in the country, why would I wanna run it?

  5. You’re in luck because I don’t live in your country.

  6. The majority of these are because Americans pronounce “T” and “D” exactly the same sometimes.

  7. Elena was bi, and sadly being gay or bi doesn't automatically mean someone isn't a transphobe or even homo or biphobic sadly - Though i do agree that Elena specifically would probably be supportive.

  8. Have you seen the movie “American Beauty”? That’s a classic case of a very homophobic man who’s struggling with his homosexual feelings.

  9. It is your problem if you’re working for $0.10

  10. I really started disliking this guy for the way he eats his pizza but seeing this video has made me think how can I possibly dislike a person that is this respectable and commendable.

  11. I’m sure he’s thrilled with your assessment.

  12. it's rare these days that a person will go so much out of their way to do a good thing.

  13. It’s probably not that rare, we are just shown MUCH more negative stuff than positive, because it gets more clicks and comments.

  14. Another Kiriko trick is to throw the suzu at your own feet to cancel the freeze effect of mei’s ult. you can also throw it at frozen teammates to thaw them.

  15. The Battle of who gets to keep James Corden.

  16. Idk about the Frasier one but the friends line was definitely intentional.

  17. They bought the host rights. Shame they couldn’t buy any talent.

  18. Update? Did England end up winning in a sport they invented?? Please advise???????

  19. Nobody won that shitshow, especially not the spectators. Boring shite.

  20. I’m just saying one passing scene here and there when they are outside wouldn’t hurt.

  21. Must you live quite so relentlessly in the real world?

  22. If we do not win this match Reddit will be utterly insufferable… I’d rather lose to Wales than the yanks if I had to choose which embarrassment to suffer. At least there aren’t a trillion of them!

  23. Reddits gonna be very loud or very quiet tonight.

  24. I liked him in inbetweeners but has anyone seen friday night dinner? Is it worth a watch?

  25. “This better not have any anti-racism shit on it”.

  26. So just because North Korea's laws and regulations are there to kill anybody that questions the dictatorship and we should just forget it cause we're a visitor. Sure.

  27. North Korea is lovely this time of year

  28. I might know someone who has that exact jug, want me to see how much they want for it?

  29. CMD + B is the shortcut. I typically find it faster than switching to the blade tool.

  30. I just have “2” make a blade cut where the play head is. “1” trims the clip from the left to the play head, and “3” trims it from the right to the play head. Most used keys for me.

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