1. Of all the mass shootings in the US do you know how many have been perpetrated by trans people? THREE. Your narrative is dumb

  2. I didn’t think this was real but then I went and looked and yep, it’s real.

  3. Same always happens to me… you’d think something this crazy is fake but then you realize no, she’s just derranged AF

  4. So they want everyone to have guns? Why won't they draft legislation to give everyone a gun?

  5. We already have more guns than people, they probably wanna make that like 2x

  6. 376 "good guys with guns" were standing right outside the door of a classroom in Uvalde while 19 children were being slaughtered. Clearly, there are no "good guys with guns" They don't seem to grasp that......

  7. Well if only there were 376 more they would’ve been able to do something. Literally their dumb logic

  8. Surprised this is on a bracelet, figured it might be a fabric strap like the prototype. I’m a buyer

  9. I would be interested as well, so curious to see how it’s priced. Will it be more or less than two tone? Hmm

  10. This is so off the wall if true. Also is this a ladies size? The dial only has single batons

  11. Children, vaginas, books, and Michelangelo’s David don’t donate to their campaigns

  12. She did flunk high school it took her three tries to get a GED

  13. Sure sounds like projection. That’s exactly what Ted is

  14. How do I know that Speaker McCarthy is a crap parent? Because he had no idea that all of these rights currently exist.

  15. I specifically love the “right to be heard” like what’s that even mean??

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