Tax the churches

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  1. Here’s hoping it lasts… but given their history that seems unlikely

  2. This man is very very stupid… it’s remarkable he’s been able to make so much money lol

  3. 45 isn’t just a coward… he’s a treasonous POS as are his followers

  4. Its allowed because low IQ Bible thumpers don’t understand the seperarion of church and state exists to protect the state from the church, and to keep unaccountable theocrats out of power

  5. He’s allowed to post crap like this because his followers are demented and eat it up. It’s pathetic

  6. I love how much they virtue signal about “free speech”… turns out when it’s speech they don’t like it’s rules for thee and not for me

  7. I’m glad to see their main source of revenue has been hit so hard it’s like the 2008 financial crisis all over again for them

  8. Exactly the only thing that would come close would be doing the same to Putin

  9. That’s a freakin astonishing number for so many reasons. The loss of that many human beings on its own is devastating. Coupled to that fact it’s a monumental loss of capability for Russias military.

  10. The problem with this is will Manchin actually keep his word?

  11. From article: "It is better to give your soul to God than to go back there," the unnamed father told the outlet. "They no longer want to be up to their ears in the blood of their friends and comrades."

  12. Wont be long before one of these is a trophy for a Ukrainian SAM regiment

  13. Moms for Liberty = Angry Karen’s screaming for the manager

  14. From article: "We would prefer to de-occupy in a way that's not military and to save lives," Zelenskyy went on to say. "But we are dealing with who we are dealing with. Until they get smashed in the face, they won't understand anything."

  15. Greed is irrational unfortunately and has no end. If history repeats itself, at some point an economic collapse will happen and spur a revolution. The revolution part doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon though

  16. It should be used as housing for the Uvalde police chief for the rest of his life

  17. Also republicans would be holding hearings 24-7

  18. They can try all they want… they’ll never convince the majority of Ukrainians to become Russian citizens and will have to face uprisings forever

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