1. The first singer to go buy one name as their stage name on “American Idol” was Mandisa in season five. That doesn’t answer your question, but I’m posting this as a fun fact similar to your question about names.

  2. I think it was Trenyce from Season 2. We also had Hadas, a semifinalist from the same season.

  3. I didn’t watch season two. Thanks for the information, however.

  4. They didn’t show his audition because his story “wasn’t sad enough.” Come back next year after you “have a hard time shopping for a shower curtain” or “have a hard time potty-training your puppy, who is a rescue.”

  5. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but her discography is simply too good and too prolific to knock her ability to spot talent. I think she could whip these contestants into shape using tough love if it wouldn’t result in backlash from viewers.

  6. I agree. If ABC let the judges give constructive criticism, we’d be watching a whole different show. Does anyone else remember when Katy was a guest judge during Fox “Idol?” She actually critiqued contestants.

  7. This episode was boring and I had more fun shopping for potato chips online. Genuinely. I found myself purchasing potato chips during the show (a girl’s gotta eat).

  8. It’s hard to say, because ABC tends to really only pick out incredible singers like the “Voice” does, so we have a lot less joke auditions. Yes, there is a lot of talent this season. However, I wouldn’t say it’s the best season of “American Idol” audition-wise. It’s decent, however.

  9. Okay, next season, the only people who are allowed to bring their parents into the audition room are contestants where their parent is part of their act (the mother-son duo we saw earlier this season where the son didn’t make it to Hollywood).

  10. I have no idea why that guy didn’t go to Hollywood. He sang very well.

  11. Rory to Kylie, Lorelai to Adrianna, Luke to Mark, Emily to Edith, Sookie to Moira, Jackson to Peter, and Paris to London. Also, Lane to Anna

  12. Edith for Emily! I hadn’t even considered that. I like it. Kinda has an old school feel

  13. I thought of it because of St. Edith Stein. Luke already has the name of a Gospel Writer, so I chose Mark, another Gospel Writer. And I also chose the name of a Biblical figure for Jackson (Peter).

  14. One of the former players, Dominique or X, comes back to help the contestants guess each other. This would be kind of like how in the finale of season 1, the eliminated contestants came back to help the contestants decipher the clues.

  15. For me, it’s why/how Lorelai was friends with Sookie (their friendship makes zero sense from an outsider’s perspective, aside from their connection to working at hotels), Luke’s moods (why is he always angry), how were Rory and Paris ever friends (I thought they were rivals), the set designs of the show, the jokes and humor of Town Meetings (which are arguably the funniest segments on the whole show), and lists and polls of favorite guest stars (for me, it’s Ben Falcone).

  16. Anytime someone mentions how horrible Christopher and April are, and anytime anyone mentions how Jess and Rory should have stayed together. These opinions have been mentioned lots and lots of times.

  17. Wait, I meant Anna. I got them mixed up. Just how April and Anna was used as a storyline to split up Lorelai and Luke. It makes zero sense why Luke kept April a secret for as long as he did.

  18. Definitely the scene where Lorelai and Rory’s house has termites, so they go to Sookie’s house for a sleepover. The plot twist is that Jackson is there and his pajamas have pictures of him as a wrestler all over them. It’s the epitome of cozy, how Sookie jumps in to make milkshakes for Lorelai and Rory.

  19. I’ve also seen her on NBC’s “Smash” and Fox’s “The Masked Singer.” She is a phenomenal singer.

  20. Sookie was a completely useless character on that show. She added Apsolutely nothing to the storyline. She was annoying she thought she was a great chef and she wasn't. She thought that making food for a kids party was beneath her. If she wasn't going to make food for the kids lord of the rings party she never should have taken the job. And she used the excuse she was pregeant for her complete stupidity. Lorelai should never have taken Sookie on as a business partner she should have asked Luke. He built his business from the ground up and he was successful at it. Lorelai was probably tickled pink when she left stars Hollow. I know I would have. Sookie was just one major pain in the ass for Lorelai.

  21. I agree. IMO, the show would have made a lot more sense if we switched Sean and Melissa and had Sookie as the Kirk character and vice versa.

  22. Lorilei, Lorelai, Lorrylei, Loreylai, Loreal (throwing this one in there for fun)

  23. Also, I didn’t mention Clay Aiken as a “best male vocalist” because I didn’t see his season of “American Idol.” But yes, he is easily one of the best male vocalists in the history of the show.

  24. I am glad Christian music is receiving more recognition. However, I prefer songs from Church over modern Christian pop music. My favorite Christian pop song is “Turn, Turn, Turn” by the Byrds, which is the Book of Ecclesiastes. If we are having more Christian songs, I hope a contestant sings a Rebecca St. James song.

  25. Absolutely no one has wowed me this episode. Super underwhelming.

  26. For the OG Idol watchers: Kamron Lawson giving Kellie Pickler “aero-plane” vibes

  27. Remember when she tried calamari for the first time? She even had her own segment with Wolfgang Puck once.

  28. Every April scene. It looked like Luke was forcing himself to act like a great dad. And the way April tried to change him. And when April says she had to write a paper of someone see thought of as her hero and she picked Kirk.

  29. Also, the scene when Lorelai organizes April’s birthday party. The whole April storyline felt incredibly forced, out of place, and very “soap opera.” IMO, lots of other storylines the writers could have gone with.

  30. Why were Lorelai and Rory acting too good for that inn, anyway? TikTok teens of today would eat that place UP!

  31. For me, I was annoyed by Lorelai’s and Rory’s arrogance in the sense of them feeling as if they’re so great, so of course the other guests will be talking to them. Maybe the other guests are just friendly? But, I agree. Why are they acting so “uppity,” when Lorelai is a part of the world of inns? IMO, she can’t act “too good,” for the Cheshire Cat’s clientele then go and run the Dragonfly Inn. Although she may feel as though the Dragonfly Inn is more “upscale” than the Cheshire Cat? But then, why is she even staying at the Cheshire Cat in the first place if she thinks she’s “too good” for the Cheshire Cat?

  32. They have all become Paula Abdul gushing over everyone. They need even the smallest amount of Simon Cowell to be genuine. Everyone is not amazing and the best they have ever heard. Not just the judges, though. It is also in the editing for the show. We may just be seeing the sanitized white bread result.

  33. It’s because the judges have their own reputations to uphold. They don’t want to say the wrong thing because they don’t want to be cancelled, because if they’re cancelled, they won’t sell music.

  34. I’ve seen similar posts, and I agree we didn’t see enough of Sookie’s wedding. It should have been a two-part episode. It needed to be longer.

  35. I’ve long thought that if we must be shown sob stories, we should see all the auditions first, just focus on the singing, and then learn the contestant’s life stories later in the competition after they’ve proven they can sing.

  36. How I long for the days when the sob stories were more like Brooke White saying she never had seen a rated-R film before.

  37. IMO, there’s a time and a place. If I want to read about sob stories, I’ll read a copy of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” I watch “Idol” to hear talented singers. That’s how the show began, and that’s what the show should stick to.

  38. Yes, she was on the Voice. She made at the very least top 11.

  39. For my most recent re-watch, which is when I watched the show for the first time in over ten years, it was the finale of the season when Rory graduates from Chilton. I saw the banter between Sookie and Lorelai, and was re-invested all over again. It had been long enough where I forgot some of the sub-plots, so I could be re-surprised by the reveal of Jess’s biological dad, etc.

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