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  1. When I wind up my partner I usually stick my tongue out and slight wobblw my head. Apparently they find it endearing

  2. It's good to have representation. I'm for it because I like to socialise and make new friends. I don't really understand the bad reputation it gets

  3. I might be bi, but I'm married to a woman and monogamous so I'm not part of or welcome in the LGBT community. Pride Month is nothing to me, but have fun.

  4. You're still welcome in the community if you're bi or questioning. So like ye

  5. OK look, I'm not in the mood to deal with this crap today. The reason why I KNOW is because of emotion, experience and then further psychiatric evaluation. That's like asking why a straight person is straight. Or why a gay person is gay. It is not a choice unfortunately.

  6. I set a timer (I wear headphones so don't worry lol) I've only ever missed my stop twice, and bothh were after a lot of cider lmao. I usually commute to uni a few towns away so it's not too far, but on the odd occasion I have had to go to the capital a few times. I'm actually on my way now as I write this

  7. Kazuma and megumin look super cute with glasses, and darkness gives off a sophisticated type vibe with hers. All in all, glasses make everyone look better

  8. the other issue is karen neighbor and not-karen grandma

  9. Eyyy dragonforce, Metallica and crush 40 are awesome. I'd recommend unlucky morphous for the solos and if you like j rock

  10. i dont know that much about j rock but i do love japan.

  11. Do you mean sex? Or do you mean in general (hugging, kissing, cuddling, quality time)?

  12. Same as the other one. Whenever the couple feels necessary. I myself (not married) am quite clingy and I love being affectionate and intimate. But I know other couples who are more 'prim and proper'. There isn't a right answer, only what's right for each couple.

  13. That is a very good point ! I'll add crop tops to the fray too !

  14. Thigh highs and crop tops are s tier. But allow me to make one addition; arm warmers. Like glove that's also a sleave

  15. It's a spectrum. Granted a lot of people fall into what seems like a binary. But it's more like a sliding bar with shortcuts lol.

  16. Something is definitely getting slayed (slaid ?) for sure !

  17. When I see this irrational comment after all this, I’m gonna bang my head into the wall.

  18. Have you seen what's in the ocean. Fuck that. Bugs, idk it's dumb. Clowns is from trauma. So 2/3 have rational bases for my fear. ..

  19. I mean I just spent the whole day in leggings at school today, I felt amazing and I hid them under my trousers so only I knew 😅😅

  20. That is one way to get around that. I'm gonna guess where you live isn't the most accepting of places by the sounds of it?

  21. It's just more, I'm not out yet, to anyone, still trying to gather the courage to tell my family 😅

  22. I’m just a switch for all genders and appearances masculine, feminine, or androgynous

  23. This catgirl got a rabbitgirlfriend who quickly turned into my fiancé!

  24. What a jerk! That was totally uncalled for. No one deserves that reaction when choosing to be vulnerable with someone. I'm sorry you had to experience that. On the bright side, as much as it may have hurt in the moment, at least some good came of it and it exposed you to the type of guy he was.

  25. Yeah, I should've listened to my friends at the time, they were totally right about him. Ah well, at least I've got more time to knit now lol

  26. Eh, it happens, don't beat yourself up about it. Sometimes you have to experience the worst to see things for what they really are, unfortunately.

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