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  1. I don't get it, what do they have left to equip the supposed new 500,000 strong army?

  2. Dude, they jacked up the price a few months ago and then lowered it not quite as far down as the old price. This is a net price increase! Stop cumming in your pants over it!

  3. They’re already sending hordes of drug-addled convicts crawling to victory over their dead comrades’ bodies. What possible escalation are they talking about?

  4. I just went to Tongass with my new girlfriend last night.

  5. lol what is this guy talking about. Fucking nukes. Maybe..maybe....but do we sit on our ass and do nothing?: obviously not.

  6. No, I'm saying we're doing the right thing. I have a Ukraine flag hanging off my house. I just think eventually Russia is going to use some kind of nuke.

  7. Russians will end up using nukes. They’re too crazy to just lose without doing it. I wonder what will happen then.

  8. I was at a locally well known, upscale restaurant one time. I had ordered sweet potato fries, and it came with the most amazing dipping sauce I had ever had. Tangy, spicy, the whole package. So I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, and asked the waitress if I could have the recipe. She said she’d ask the chef, but of course I figured they’d say no.

  9. I'm a white physician who was accosted by 5 cops because they saw me hop off a train track to go downhill to my car as a shortcut on the way home from work. It was the world's most minor offense, but I was surrounded by 5 angry cops. I talked to them only nicely. 4 were white, one was black. It was the black one who got in my face and said I was making him nervous and that I needed to sit down (in my dress pants on wet ground). When I refused he pushed me down. In the grand scheme of things it was minor, but it seriously pissed me off. Cops are all on a power trip regardless of race.

  10. I used to have to kill mice in the lab because that was the only "approved" way to kill them. If you ever catch a whiff of it it's so goddamn painful. That burning feeling in your nose when you burp after drinking soda? That's it. Only it's like 100 times more intense. It's fucking awful, whoever decided that was humane was an enormous fucking asshole.

  11. It's not for any "reason". JK needed a way for Harry to have a last conversation with Snape. So that's all she could think of. She's a fucking hack writer.

  12. Such a joke, this guy is small potatoes compared to what some of these assholes are making. Why is everyone focusing on this one guy?

  13. Bullshit. Tiktok would be similarly limited for kids in the US if our government and society gave a shit about fostering better development for our kids. Blaming it on the Chinese isn't fair. It's our fucking fault.

  14. I'm getting kind of sick of this trans stuff. How much of science and reality do I need to suppress out of my own thoughts in order to exist as an acceptable member of today's society?

  15. Is it just me or is the drawing awful? I'm glad it made her smile though.

  16. The drawing is fucking frightening. I'd shit my pants if someone handed me that.

  17. The failure to deliver tanks is just fucking embarrassing. There's like 2000 of them just sitting there. What do you think they were built for?

  18. Why the fuck is Germany not letting OTHER countries send their leopards? Seriously what is the justification for that. The other countries OWN the leopards and they can’t send them? How does that make any fucking sense?

  19. This is growing just pathetic. Just give them fucking tanks already. What a fucking joke.

  20. I'm sure he said it, but has anyone ever received a voice message with this degree of sound quality? How was this recorded?

  21. I've got an iphone and all the phone messages I get sound like shit. cell phone voice quality is much poorer than whatever this is.

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