1. Y'all drink some weird shit in the US. I've not even heard of any of these apart from Meiomi and that's only because everyone talks about it so much on this sub

  2. What are the big wine brands in your country?

  3. I agree, it can be harsh. Keep your head up and post some more content - what you drank and a simple tasting note.

  4. Agree. I think I’ve been downvoted before for posting tasting notes here. I got downvoted for not knowning Shafer use to make Merlot wines.

  5. Do you consider Moscato d’Asti to be a dessert wine or just a cheep sweet Italian wine? I can see both sides of it. You have enough residual sugar in the wine to pair with desserts but the lack of attention it gets as being a “serious” wine combined with high volume brands producing Moscato d’Asti like cupcake lends itself to being just a cheep sweet Italian wine. Then you do have wineries such as Vietti, G.D. Vajra and Fontanafredda who are known for making high quality Barolo and Barbaresco so their Moscatos should be great.

  6. My wife and I are planning a road trip in Italy. We're going to land in Rome and drive to Naples -> Florence -> Bologna. We'll probably home base in each city for a bit and do day trips. The only exception is Florence. If I can convince my wife I'd like to stay in San Gimigano at Fattoria Poggio Alloro.

  7. For Florence, I recommend you stay at Castello di Bossi. It’s a hotel that is also a winery in Chianti Classico. It’s looks like it’s an 1hr 30min from Florence on Google maps.

  8. Search for silver and pay with them.

  9. I was at this event also. The Cipriani was a fantastic backdrop for what was a very well put together event.

  10. Are the wine of Pessac- Leognan of low quality than the rest of the left bank? I like Pessac- Leognan.

  11. Green is for our beautuful island, black is for our roots and history and red is for our fights and culture

  12. Congratulations to your country. The anthem has a calypso vibe.

  13. I would probably go with an Amarone. I find that at the price you’re willing to pay, you should get a quality bottle. I found the Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2019 to be excellent so I would think the Amarone would be amazing.

  14. I finally got a hold of the Vignobles Marie Maria Greviere Madiran 2018. I had been looking for while for to stock any Madirans for while in the FL warehouse.

  15. Anyone have recommendations for glasses under $50 each? I’d like to have at least one Burgundy, Bordeaux, and white wine glass. IKEA glasses just aren’t doing it anymore…

  16. I use the Riedel Wine Cabernet/Merlot for Bordeaux and Luigi Bormioli Bourgogne glass for Burgundy. I have a Winewings Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo glass which I don’t use a lot as I find the huge bowl intensifies the presence of alcohol on the noise. Most whites I just use a Gabriel Glas.

  17. I collect different countries based on the leaders and what was going on. I have several Prussian and Austrian coins from the Silesian wars, coins from many sides of WWI and WWII, a little Crusader money from the 1200’s, French from the time of the revolution. I have Tsar Nickolis, Katherine the Great, Lenin, and many more. I also like regional currencies from countries that don’t exist anymore, like Friesland (I have a couple from the early 1700’s). I have Augustus Caesar, Constantine III, Alexander the Great and his dad Phillip of Macedonia for a few of my ancients. All in all, I like it because you can collect your favorite pieces of history.

  18. I would like see to Prussian coins.

  19. I collect three cent nickels, ancient coins, and started collecting pre unification of Italian a.k.a Italian state coins.

  20. Can I give you my perspective as an American?

  21. For many Americans, I think they see the islands as one huge beach with the ocean and nice weather (no places has nice weather everyday). Many Americans live in areas where it is cold and snowy for a majority of the year,. Again, they romanticize it because the want to be able to visit somewhere where it is sunny and warm to get away from the cold. My personal experience is my love for the steel pan. Since I have played it, I have learned about T&T, history of the pan and the wonderful panorama. I kind of romanticize panorama having watched a lot of past performances on YouTube and how much energy and excitement comes from the music and it makes me want to visit it someday to see panorama. At the end of the day, I do realize T&T is more than just panorama. I don’t expect people to have huge celebrations everyday.

  22. Ancient coins are by far the most interesting aspect of coins

  23. People who collect silver and gold bullion do not collect coins. If you collect bullion and you try your hand at coin collecting you will lose all of your money. If you collect coins and you try your hand at stacking bullion you will lose all of your money. Government bullion (ASEs, AGEs, maple leafs, whatever) are ripoffs for suckers

  24. Exactly. I have always been a numismatic guy since I started collecting. I like collecting coins, not “hedging against inflation”.

  25. Hey thanks for asking! Really well. Diverse group of people and people without fail seemed to enjoy it :) hope maybe you’re able to join us at the next one on February 24th

  26. Report the account as spam. It’s the only thing Instagram takes action on.

  27. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on my part, I guess Germany happens to be north of it.

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