1. I've mentioned this before but Columbus libraries have videogames available to borrow. Even the latest stuff (PS5, Switch, etc). Also 4K blu-rays. Just search and reserve.

  2. This is technically not correct. I’m a librarian at CML, and we do not purchase video games for our collection, although some of our partners in the Central Library Consortium do. As you mention, you can place reserves on video games with a CML card, but you wouldn’t be able to walk into one of our branches and browse for video games in the collection.

  3. Sorry I should have clarified it's via the catalog search only and not like walking into a GameStop.

  4. You’re good! Also, on a personal level I wanted to say: No, I don’t know why we don’t buy video games for our collection (mysteriously there is no mention of them in our “collection scope statement” that informs out purchases), and yes, I do believe that we should have video games in our collection.

  5. That highway entrance has always been an ass-clenching proposition, but I really don’t appreciate this year’s addition of a massive pothole between the lanes right at the spot where you’d try to merge at the end of the slip road.

  6. I know, right? I was keeping my eye on the Escalade to pull something as I came up on them, but I was worried about the wrong truck.

  7. I was going back and forth between semi trailer and tractor trailer and neither was right 😅

  8. You're supposed to park in the same direction as your parking buddies..

  9. Civic driver understood the assignment because when I came back down to the garage after work they had backed in 😂

  10. Two very nice cars. You can like different cars folks lol

  11. (A person on this sub): I had a meal today and I liked it.

  12. You sure the 19 rabbits had sunroofs?

  13. Yup, you’re right. Good catch! Nice looking car anyways (in the best color, imho)!

  14. That Beat is so cool! Awesome lineup you got there.

  15. CML is partnered with almost all the public library systems in Central Ohio as part of the Central Library Consortium (CLC). Not only can you return your books to any CML branch, you can return to other public libraries as well — they’ll be able to get them checked in and sent back to CML for you. The exception is Westerville, who still refuses to join the consortium.

  16. Are you Jeff of I’ve spent so many hours on that site!

  17. I thought I recognized that flow bench 😂

  18. Because then you wouldn’t have to drive a Hyundai?

  19. As long as you keep to the right of the trail, signal when passing, and generally stay aware of the traffic around you, it doesn’t bother me.

  20. Anyone tried Hiro Ramen on Sawmill yet? I was planning to go yesterday but didn’t notice they’re closed Tuesdays.

  21. In addition to what everyone else is saying, I’ve noticed that cars with the AM820 bumper sticker are absolutely the worst-driven cars on the road. So at least the bumper sticker does serve as a useful warning.

  22. That’s not really specific to Columbus, though.

  23. Add my vote for Columbusians! That’s what I hear most commonly.

  24. I did! He was a cool guy and long-time VW devotee.

  25. Is there a local branch you know of that is currently doing this? Like that I could walk in and just hand them books?

  26. Yup, any branch of CML can take walk-in donations, but if you’ve got a lot (like more than a few boxes) you might call ahead to let them know.

  27. Counterpoint: you can donate them to actual libraries. Their friends of the library organizations resell them and donate the money back to the library itself.

  28. It’s not right I can only upvote once. I should be allowed to give two upvotes for two CFB Rabbits.

  29. When you write out the mailing address, what’s the word on the second line that comes immediately before “OH”?

  30. As someone who has test-driven both an A3 and a rabbit recently — and now owns a rabbit — no.

  31. She matted and framed a Rabbit ad she found in an old magazine.

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