1. Because they want you to spend money on buying gems. They know some readers are impatient and won't grind/save gems and will spend real money on gems. That's why the free replies are abusive/bitch replies and the gems replies are the normal replies.

  2. I stayed away from her because I kind of found her a strange Match because she's a succubus and succubi are supposed to go for men and incubi go after women. Maybe the lore has changed since I last read up on demons but that's just what I remember.

  3. How do you show time passing in a story? Should you just start each chapter at a time jump? My current story is in first person and up to this point my main character has had no time jumps, the past few chapters have been following her day-to-day routine. The part I'm stuck on now is she has to have a time jump because I'm not sure how to fill in the space between now and then.

  4. If you happen to have them, can you post them please? Thank you so much! 😌🥹


  6. I could only post 20 pictures so I skipped the first 3 because they were just normal face shots and I needed the room for spicier pictures.

  7. It’s bad. They can’t retcon that shit. The story made it clear that Noel was actively engaging with Jason. He had to fix his clothes for fucks sake. So unless they’re gonna take this dark and say Jason was about to sexually assault Noel that little retcon is meaningless to me.

  8. I think they may just let the story die. I would be surprised if they give another update since the writer was forced to rewrite the plot to make people happy and now the story may have hit a wall and can't move forward. If this was a novel then it would be easy since this would be a rough draft and shit can be rewritten but you can't really with a game.

  9. what is in this hotfix? (spoilers are okay, i'm not really invested in noel's story but i got the gist of why everyone was disappointed)

  10. Are you talking about the woman who looks like The Black Cat from Spider-Man?

  11. Noooo, a white male cat....Kris Reed? His name might have been

  12. I personally hate listening to any voice lines of the characters because I find it uncomfortable and cringe. They're fictional characters and the voices just creep me out. I rather just imagine for myself what they sound like.

  13. No because the cow would be dead if it ate just strawberries and no grass.

  14. People need to feel like they belong, that they are in control of their life and to give their life structure. Worshiping, and performing daily rituals, help fill that need.

  15. Nobody really celebrates Halloween in America, it's just a fun excuse to dress up and get candy. I'm sure there's a reason or history behind Halloween but nobody cares about it or learns about it as we do for the other holidays. The day is just a way for stores to make money off costume, candy, and decoration sales.

  16. It's been years since I last ate a restaurant but that is a common way to leave a tip. Reason is the waiter or waitress is off serving other tables and you're ready to go so leaving the money on the table is the only way to tip if you're paying cash.

  17. Give who a choice? They already choose you to be the person they want to date. Why do they need to know you like both men and women? People don't need to know everything and telling them serves no purpose except maybe making you feel better. Won't make the person you're dating feel good, might make them more paranoid because they now have to worry about you having more options to cheat.

  18. Or maybe you get dumped and you’re hurt so you block the person. Then you get over your hurt. It doesn’t always have to be about abuse.

  19. Once I dump someone or get dumped I don't go back to that person. I threw you away for a reason or they threw me away for a reason.

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