1. Y conseguir trabajo en supermercados como nombraste o trabajos de ese estilo como lo ves ? En cuanto a posibilidades me refiero, se consigue bastante o hay poco laburo disponible?

  2. ¿Tienes permiso de trabajo para España? (por nacionalidad de la UE, por ejemplo).

  3. Si con eso no tengo problema.. en qué rubros consideras que hay más demanda ? Rubros que no involucren un título universitario me refiero

  4. El único que conozco en el que hay demanda es Informática. Pero aunque no siempre pidan títulos, sí que piden experiencia.

  5. The birth certificate is one of the required documents.

  6. Is this possibly applicable to Puerto Ricans? My husband is Puerto Rican and we've read different things online on whether he can present a certificate of Puerto Rican citizenship from the local PR govt, separate from an American birth certificate, to qualify for the 2-year fast track naturalization for Spain. We've read different things about that since Puerto Rico used to be a territory of Spain.

  7. Puerto Rico is certainly on the list of countries/backgrounds that can apply for citizenship after two years (nitpick: it was not only a territory of Spain, it was a Spanish province... same as any Spanish province in the Iberian Peninsula) .

  8. I recommend you to browse through the subreddit for answers to these exact questions.

  9. For the H1 visa: find an employer willing to sponsor you and cross your fingers for your name to be picked in the visa lottery. .

  10. With all due respect my dudes, the main tin can dish is Spanish

  11. That looks like a civilian MRE-style ration from Spain. Every item seems Spanish. Some of the small packages are produced in Spain and used in military MREs from other countries, and in emergency rations from the UN (among others).

  12. English, while commonly spoken, is not an official language.

  13. He will not use them out of anger but a limited strike to change the dynamics.

  14. Very cool list. Do all countries have something like this? Should be collected and stickied!

  15. Many countries have similar lists, but usually not as detailed as the one from NZ (with degrees/education or years of experience).

  16. El agua influye en la salud mucho. Muchísimo. Beber 800ml, e incluso 2l, es muy poco con tu peso (dependiendo de tu actividad, deberías estar en torno a los 3 litros TODOS los días, y más en días de calor o si sudas mucho). Si no bebes suficiente agua no irás bien al baño y fuerzas mucho a los riñones, lo que a la larga tiene consecuencias serias.

  17. Studying online at a non-German university is not going to get you a student visa. How do you plan on getting a visa for Germany? Are you getting married?

  18. I assumed so :/ I was thinking there might be other visas like work ones, or I may need to transfer Unis/enrol in a German one instead perhaps as part of a University study abroad scheme... I do speak German (forgot to mention that).

  19. Transferring between universities from different education systems is not easy or efficient. You might have to retake many the courses, maybe all of them. Graduate school after getting your degree is more feasible, but of course that will take longer.

  20. Una empresa que actúa así no se fía de sus empleados.

  21. Algunos sitios: Workcenter o similares, Imprentas, algunas papelerías, tiendas de fotos y locutorios...

  22. Some of the countries on the link you provided do not have digital nomad visas, but freelance visas, with very different requirements. Some are simply non-working visas which might allow remote work (like the D-7 for Portugal) or not even remote (like the NLV for Spain).

  23. Just a word of advice that might help a bit your chances: there is a difference between barca (boat), Barça (the football team), and Barcelona or Barna (the city). Some people from Barcelona might get offended if you use them incorrectly (and you might find one of these when applying for jobs... most will laugh and explain).

  24. No it's not , Putin wants to annex this and hopefully try and talk peace bcs he knows this is the maximum he can get . It position stating by Zelensky bcs don't forget that are other actors like China and India that want the war to end aswell.

  25. No, it is not normal for salaries to be paid late. And "late" is normally defined as later than the 5th of the following month. In other words, if your salary for September is paid later than October 5th, then it is late. What you are describing does not sound like that.

  26. Okay. So what you are saying then is that’s it’s okay for salaries to be paid later than what’s stipulated in the contract as long as it’s not the 5th of the following month?

  27. You did not say anything about any date written on the contract, only "As of this moment it still hasn’t arrived even though my employer said they already gave it out last week."

  28. The only public university that teaches IR in English in Spain is the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in its Vicálvaro campus.

  29. Iba a linkar el mismo comentario... pero tu respuesta ha sido bastante más suave de lo que iba a poner yo (y te lo agradezco) .

  30. The A-10 is vulnerable to AA fire and requires near complete air dominance to operate effectively. Not saying they couldn't contribute if used correctly, but there are better weapons platforms that could be brought into Ukrainian service.

  31. As cool as Ukrainian A-10s would be, they would not be very practical.

  32. It depends in the neighborhood, of course but 8:30-9PM is the time when most restaurants open for dinner.

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