1. Sounds like you should look on LinkedIn, not Reddit.

  2. Reddit has subs better suited to what OP is looking for. Maybe

  3. Are they coming to Barajas or Torrejon?

  4. TorrejĂłn. There is no point in landing in a civilian airport when there is a military one so close (and used to VIP planes).

  5. I was going to refer you to a certain post about the same topic, but I just saw that you were the one who posted it.

  6. would you say the holiday is like thanksgiving/christmas in the us or similar to president's day/columbus day where offices/banks are closed but most/all retail/entertainment/sightseeing venues are all open?

  7. It will be similar to a Sunday in Madrid (in addition to being August; but that should have no effect on tourist places) .

  8. No I haven’t started yet. I want to do freelance writing but I can’t afford to pay a gestor and autónomo fees when I first start out, as I’ll be earning almost nothing each month at the beginning!

  9. It looks like you cannot afford to be an autĂłnomo. Which is not unusual at all, due to the fixed costs when starting.

  10. Interesting, is there a link to that story?

  11. Manticore is based on the British Empire. Even the current UK (as you say) does not have a formal constitution, just several sets of written and unwritten customs, traditions and arrangements.

  12. Depende de tu formación y experiencia, y de los idiomas que hables: inglés es básico, pero alemán o francés pueden ayudar mucho, y algunos países con otros idiomas tienen empresas especializadas en sectores concretos; saber su idioma puede abrir puertas.

  13. Entonces sin problemas en ese aspecto, y el idiomas te ayudará bastante.

  14. I'd only be there for a year. I intend to rent a room not rent/buy a house or apartment. It's just me and I don't need too much to be comfortable. I live on the east coast so a plane ticket is pretty cheap. But I know moving in general is expensive.

  15. The requirement for the NLV for one year is at the moment about 28k EUR.

  16. The picture from the link looks like "codillo" (ham hock or pork knuckle).

  17. One small thing: conservative and liberal do not have the same meaning for everybody. US politics definitions are not always applicable in other countries,

  18. Most (all, probably) multinational companies in Spain use English as the official company language. Internal reports are written in English, and emails tend to be written in English is there is a chance that they will reach a coworker from outside your country. Same with meetings... English is the default language if you are not sure of the languages other participants speak. Only local communications are usually done in the local language, and not always.

  19. It does not "have" saturated fat; it IS saturated fat (95% or more).

  20. That’s that I was thinking. Any specific neighborhoods you recommend? I’ve heard La Latina is popular for expats…

  21. The center is expensive and noisy. If you want to party it is great (if you can afford it), but I would not live there unless your only goal is party.

  22. Apparently the prices started at about 50. But they are sold out, so they can charge whatever they want at the moment.

  23. I didn't mean that Romanians are banned, it was more that other nationalities have an easier time.

  24. The general advice is 1/3 of salary, and some countries in Europe have it as a rule (I do not think it is a law, but it might be somewhere, and banks may consider it for mortgages; some follow other ratios).

  25. You can find slide rules on ebay regularly, some of them even in pristine condition. You can find some really unique ones sometimes... but the rarer ones can get really expensive.

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