1. Io conoscevo Mela ma immagino sia quello che ha chiuso. Ho trovato Glass Emery in via Sapeto

  2. Si era quello che aveva chiuso, grazie per il nome dell'altro negozio, ci farò un salto.

  3. I listened to it, the song is not that bad, it's just... I don't know, it's an exact copy of other of the main band songs, and surely the hammer at the beginning proves that he made this to mock the original band.

  4. blue / popcorn castle by leon chang or stutter by shindig / headphones

  5. You probably are a peculiar person, that stands out from the mass.

  6. "It's a long way, to go to gym, It's a long way, to go"

  7. "I've been a bad boy this year, I'm not gonna get any Christmas gift, Santa's rules are very clear, I'll get a lump o' coal on the 25th"

  8. Aight but you have to be good at sports to do them and I have a job so that's not an option. I already skip meals usually

  9. If you can't do sport have a walk more often, walk at least 3/4 km a day, or if you prefer it in time periods 1.30/2 hours a day

  10. Boys are in need of the best examples of what we immagine each other to look like

  11. Women are in need of a red baron and a guy who talks in their own minds (what the hell?)

  12. "Ding dong, Avon calling, get this fucking door open!"

  13. Would you be so kind to try and guess my gender dear sir?

  14. Okay, I have multiple games of my liking, as I don't have a true favourite, those are: Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 4, XCOM 2 and Vampyr.

  15. Even "The Queen" hate Will (they even made a song about him: "We Will rock you") maybe he did something truly horrible in the past.

  16. "Chains is in a pickle! Pickle, Pickle, Pickle!

  17. Made a pizza from the the pan into the oven

  18. That's when the deliciousness will come by! And it's cooking!

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