1. I wouln't count on this group having you. It's a huge festival, how are they supposed to have enough for everyones stuff? I'm sure they're a great group and all, but why not come prepared? It's literally your life in your hands. Buy some kits before you go. There's way too much fentanyl out there to take a risk.

  2. I'm not into pets. I have a few house plants but even that feels excessive. I have a boyfriend, who is awesome. No kids, no pets though. I have so much more freedom than most other people.

  3. Is scripting enough, does i need to visualise abd do other things?

  4. I have two questions! Is it wrong if I start manifestation for more selfish reasons rather than particular self growth? And would it be okay to start my journal on my iPad/Apple Pencil?

  5. Everyday! Specifically, every evening and weekend days. I like that it makes my thinking creative and I like the taste/smell.

  6. So I know this post is ancient but I'm wondering if you're still taking Vitex and Claritin? Has it continued to be effective?

  7. Oh thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! I started taking Vitex about a month ago but had never heard about taking it with Claritin before. Funnily enough with it being hay fever season right now, that's exactly what I've been taking anyway and I've been wondering if it was the Vitex only that made me feel better :D

  8. Give her a Victoria Secret gift card to buy new lingerie for her body type now. Lingerie isn’t cheap!

  9. I mean, it’s a sad but it’s unfortunately not surprising. On their website they have a statement saying that families should believe in biblical marriage between a man and a woman. Not a fan of them or any of the Catholic/private schools condoning this.

  10. Im 29 now. At 27 I was living in a different city, in a messy affair, living in a shitty apartment, and working a dream job that wasn’t paying me practically anything. I was also on tons of meds to treat depression. Now I live in my home city, own a home, have a stable romantic relationship, no meds or depression, and still working for the same company but trying really hard to transition to a new career.

  11. I feel the worst I have in a very long time. I have no friends, the people I work with hate me. Everyone has someone, but not me. No one would even notice if I just dropped dead. I keep trying to convince myself that I can get out of this but I don’t know what the point is when it’s always in the back of my mind. I just want to not feel like this anymore.

  12. I'm in PMDD hell once again. The usual stuff that makes me feel better (sorry tmi) like masturbating has no effect on my mood and also I feel like I can't even feel a damn thing down there anyway. Also my favorite songs have no effect on me during this time. My brain literally cannot feel happiness during PMDD. I also can't sleep due to the ravenous hunger but I'm also trying to diet and lose weight like this shit is so frustrating. And my mind keeps bringing up stupid traumatic memories to make everything worse. Why are female brains like this

  13. I feel all of this sister. I get down to my “normal” weight during my ovulation, and then pack on water weight in my luteal phase it’s awful

  14. At the start of our relationship, I looked up my SO’s info and thought I had him all figured out based on the info he told me. Fast forward a year, and his mom recently told me his ACTUAL birth time, and it totally changed his rising sign. So for the past year I had thought he was Sagittarius rising, but for real he’s a Scorpio rising. I had to step back and examine what I was just “filling in the blanks” in my mind, vs what was actually real. Ultimately, I love him and want to spend my life with him, regardless of his star chart.

  15. This happens like clockwork for me. I have an extensive, fabulous wardrobe, with absolutely nothing to wear about 2 weeks a month.

  16. Do you get to keep the furniture/decor? Or is that your stuff already in there? It’s beautiful.

  17. hey girl. youre not alone ❤️ currently on day 3 of hellweek. stay strong

  18. I’m on day 2 or 3 also. I’m not sure wether to start counting on the first day if im just spotting, or if day 1 is when there’s actually flow. Any advice?

  19. It helps me so much and has led me to a supplement regimen that may not be perfect but helps much more than prescription medication has

  20. Learn to draw! Of course, YouTube is a great resource, but also books and teachers can help. So many people just stop drawing once they outgrow childhood and abandon their skills.

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