AITA for telling people to stop congratulating me for losing weight?

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  1. My current job I wasn’t necessarily qualified for, but I had transferable skills and that’s what they cared about. Im about 90 days into the job and have learned SO MUCH! It’s been really fun to learn new stuff! In the interview I kept reminding them that I’m a professional and a fast, eager learner!

  2. For whatever reason, this month has really given a lot of us hell. You're not alone.

  3. I hate to make everyone jealous but this month has been really mild for me. I’m on day 26 so Auntie Flo should be here soon. I’ve had no mental or physical symptoms, I’m not sure why.

  4. I’m bleeding! It came exactly on time, no physical symptoms (mildly increased hunger and sleepiness) and very little to no mental symptoms. I’m taking 400 mg of Vitex, lots of pamprin, p5p, and magnesium. Quite the cocktail, but its seems To be working. Best to everyone out there struggling, I’ve totally been in your shoes.

  5. Can I just stay home? I don’t want to be in the woods! My home has all the fuzzy blankets, snacks, wifi, epsom salt baths, and all my pretty things. I feel like my friends are always trying to get me to go “camping” and people are all into their nature fantasies, and I just have fantasies about my living room 😂

  6. It works for your budget, provides you housing and stability! You’re in a much better position than many, even with a higher income. You’re making it work for you and that’s what’s important!

  7. I’ve read your reply over and over again and smiled! Thank you for this perspective. Sometimes I’m hard on myself for not making a huge amount of money or living in a big big house. Recently I told my mortgage cost to a group of friends, and they laughed at me for it being so low. But truly I like the work I’m doing, I have spending and travel money, and I ADORE my condo it has everything I need and more. It’s a gorgeous home. When they laughed at me, I was so hurt but like, all the numbers work for me you know? Thank you for putting this into perspective. I really am in a great place and grateful for my home and ownership.

  8. You’re friends are weird. Where I’m from affordable housing is the goal. I can be an asshole, but I probably would have just said “wow, care to explain?”

  9. Thank you again for putting this into perspective! They were all “bragging” About how much they pay for their super big houses, and I’m like “yeah I pay this much for my sunlight filled, garden facing, completely up to date 2 bedroom condo” and they laughed? That was hella Rude of them!

  10. Agreed. I recently got metallic flats. They are neutral enough to go with anything but still add a little extra to the outfit.

  11. 5-10. I have some that are cotton, and some that Are fleece lined for the snow!

  12. Neighbors matter. I have a gorgeous little townhome connected to a neighbor on each side. Little did I know before moving in, both neighbors are chain smokers. Of course the realtor hid the smell during my ONE walkthrough before buying. I’ve had to repaint, redo vents, use air purifiers, etc etc to get my house smelling fresh and not like an ash tray. Neighbors matter 10000%.

  13. Me! I manifested my condo. I made a vision board and envisioned it at length for about six months. My parents gifted me a huge down payment and I finally found it in the 3d. I recognize my privilege and some people may say this was just dumb luck/being a rich kid, but like I still did the manifesting work and the gift from my parents was the path of least resistance from the Universe. I act in gratitude to both my parents and the Universe for the gift.

  14. I have the genetic thing that I can’t process folic acid so I have to do methylated everything.

  15. The one in Indiana has more availability than the one in Louisville. I always go across the river for PP.

  16. Not necessarily. I always kinda thought there could be a waiting room out there where souls could Chill for a bit between lives.

  17. I really like using Pinterest for cute outfit ideas. For example if you search “leggings outfits” you can see photos on all different bodies with options. The capsule style layouts are really helpful. You can definitely see that they follow the rule of 3. So leggings plus two other items. Leggings + stripe shirt + jean jacket, leggings + chambray shirt + sweater, leggings + band t shirt + jean jacket, leggings + cropped t shirt + long cardigan

  18. Need something silky and something lacy/crochet! Scarves and little layering pieces!

  19. I admit I’d be the person congratulating you on your weight loss. Take the compliment! You don’t look like death anymore and people are happy for you.

  20. I just got it after reading your post. I’ve always wanted to be able to organize my clothes like this. I will be taking lots of photos tomorrow.

  21. I just got the app ($5) and am going to set it up tonight after work! I can’t wait!

  22. Track the number of days. Write down your goals but ones that are more than "save money" the why of the goals. If you stress shop then "add to cart" but restrict purchases until after the 100 days is up.

  23. This is perfect to hear. Thank you! My unicorn items include the right striped v neck, and the leather jacket of my dreams (however it’s still warm where I am and I really won’t need it until the winter season anyway).

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