1. You might be a real contralto! Do you sound more manly when singing?

  2. If you’re using it to insult someone, I definitely consider it a slur

  3. Joe has no shame whatsoever. He completely owns every punishment he has and isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself.

  4. This post is making me rethink my type. I didn't know SD could have smaller chests, so I automatically assumed I'm D. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new possible type for myself.

  5. I have no tips but just wanted to say I've seen plenty of women typed as SDs who are smaller chested so you're definitely not alone in this

  6. The lady whom he sold a popsicle to, the ladies at the Turkey Speed Dating event, the lady whom he was doing the taste test with and the lady who helped bury his sex robot would all disagree 😁

  7. It's where they glued the seam shut, since the fur tail was originally faux fur fabric sheet cut and folded over/rolled and its hard af to sew any other way but inside out. So they sew what they can, flip it right side out while the opening is still large enough to, and then just glue it closed. As for the black, it's very likely they had the glue gun/machine too hot and the black is where it or some of the fur got scorched. I've had it happen a few times using a glue gun on items with fake fur (fake fur burns super easy)

  8. This honestly makes you think. Because it often costs more money to make a cleaner edge and time, cheaper stuff comes out sloppier with defeats. Makes me genuinely wonder, was the person who made this paid fairly? Were they injured by the hot glue? Were they hurt because of this mistake? (Box says it’s made in China)

  9. Most likely just some kind of glue that has dirt trapped in it, it has been in there a long time. Shouldn’t be too hard to pick it out or wash it out.

  10. I am pretty sure its the same book with a different name, possibly a few edits and coloured pictures.

  11. I think the interesting part of reading it online is that the images are in color

  12. I’m an adult now so I would be flattered if he asked me out on a date!!

  13. OMG! This does sound similar. I’ll reach out to my mom and see if she’s read it.

  14. Is it War of the Witches by Maite Carranza? I believe I read it when I was a teenager and it sounds similar to what you are searching for!

  15. The name Carranza sounds so familiar but I’m unable to find much on the book when looking it up!

  16. Hey!! Update! To be honest, I’ve been told I’m cool toned for years. I don’t want to think I’ve been living a lie for years and my foundations and concealers I changed to cool tones when I was young because I got into undertones and all that jazz. I still do see a lot of pink undertones and I rarely do see my skin in it’s natural state as I have a rare condition called erythromelalgia. Not to mention, I match almost all the test questions for cool undertones. Maybe we redheads will always find a way to be outside the box and make little to no sense, but regardless, I looked up the various pallets recommended, and for the first time I think it finally dawned on me that I’m not a Winter like I believed for years! (This is ridiculous considering I have never seen a winter redhead and they all have black hair or dark brown hair, and no one even suggested such in my previous post) I think it’s obvious that I cannot pull off overly warm shades. It’s too much warmth for me, and despite my apparent golden undertone, my skin almost always has a pink tinge and my cool colored eyes need something. It seems most of you were right. I guess I believed the lipstick shades I had been wearing for years were more cool toned, and while they definitely weren’t overtly warm, they still had more warmth than I thought.

  17. Genuine question, does everyone here still think I have warm toned skin? Even after the second photo? To me, that screams cool. But maybe I know nothing at all

  18. You can find tons of card collecting binders really cheap just be looking it up. Bella Sara does have its own binders but the pages only have four card slots compared to the typical 9.

  19. Do you know where I could find these Bella Sara binders? I have one with Arapaho on them but I also wanted to collect the rest

  20. I know right, esp since I only discovered the show in 2020 lol

  21. The best part is when you look back to the beginning, Joe looks exactly the same 😂

  22. Thank you for your response. As you see, this page isn’t very popular, to say the least.

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