1. If you can't afford your own Netflix account, you have bigger concerns.

  2. Then they can take a look at their lives and figure out what steps they need to take to remedy that. In this life, people can either make excuses or they can make results.

  3. Filming sex scenes is always awkward, it’s just part of the job.

  4. He didn’t want so much the better room , he wanted the room he had booked and paid for . He wanted to be seen and what he paid for . The first time I watched it I couldn’t stand him . The second time I watched it I could see where he was coming from and his wife was much worse .

  5. I think it’s quite clear Shane is someone who really cares about having the best thing all the time lol. That’s why he booked the room, he thought it was the best. He and his mother are very status obsessed.

  6. The first interaction with Armand, were Armand lied, and Gaslighted (actual correct use of the word) Shane about booking and virtual tour the pineapple suite, Shane last words were something along the lines of “as long as we didn’t pay for the pineapple suite”

  7. Very true, it’s just that Shane is definitely someone who really wants to have the best room

  8. There’s a lot of throwaway jokes in Bojack that would be really disturbing if they were intended to be taken seriously, but they’re not. Todd would be the worst person on the show if you took all of his wacky B-plots seriously.

  9. Yeah alcohol and good ol self loathing can really age the crap outta ya

  10. I mean, even happy sober people are going to have at least some gray hair in their 50s

  11. Um character actress Margo Martindale, obviously

  12. This line always amuses me because like, does she know what happened to JFK when he was riding in a car that one time? But really, she’s just using JFK as a symbol of Americana, much like Lana’s National Anthem video. He’s a very iconic figure in American history.


  14. And most brain dead patients don’t even live long enough to carry a pregnancy to term. It’s definitely not a serious proposal. In addition to being morally reprehensible, it’s scientifically impossible.

  15. The character is deliberately written as a comically exaggerated douchebag lmao. He literally jerks off to himself.

  16. This was all anyone was talking about when the first season aired lol. There were multiple posts literally calling her the scum of the earth. She is this sub’s most hated character lol.

  17. People really do hate female characters more easily and in a more desproportionate way

  18. Not just the diet stuff lol, Dr. Phil’s whole approach to mental health and wellness in general is just so astonishingly fucked-up and harmful. There’s a lot to talk about there.

  19. Which is about wellness! I figure if they can do a sleep episode they can do a mental health episode one day

  20. Torn bc that song sucks, but I love the idea of the kid’s choice awards nominating horny bops

  21. I would look into SD! You look taller to me, which would indicate you have a long vertical line, and I immediately noticed your wider hips and narrower upper body, which is usually a SD trait.

  22. Michael B Jordan is one of those people where I understand he is objectively very conventionally attractive, but when I look at him, I feel nothing. Same with Chris Evans.

  23. I genuinely used to eat cheese before bed to help me sleep lol. No nightmares, dairy just made me tired.

  24. Imagine living your entire life and marriage as a walking advertisement, though.

  25. I can’t deal with another marketing round of Blake’s annoying suits/Ryan’s stupid gin company

  26. I agree on the gin, but Blake Lively’s suits are the best part of this movie lol

  27. The incest in the first film was too much for me. I like Feig but I’m going to pass on watching this.

  28. The incest is why I liked it lol. The Anna Kendrick character was so aggressively normie that her having this dark secret felt perfect. I think this movie finally found the correct way to use Anna Kendrick. But, I like some weird sex stuff in a movie.

  29. Its so funny how everyone keep calling her iconic and love her when there’s decade of proofs (and lawsuits) she’s an ass. She seems a better person nowadays tho

  30. I mean, someone can be beautiful and stylish and entertaining while also being an asshole. I don’t want to be Naomi Campbell’s friend and I don’t think she’s a good person, but I do like looking at pictures of her.

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