Man saves girl from pitbull attack using a chokehold.

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  1. "I advocate for the annihilation of an entire breed of animal because I'm uneducated, willfully ignorant and told what to believe by society instead of learning the truth."

  2. That pitties are subjected to constant scrutiny due to people being horrible to this specific breed and giving them a bad name. Dogs aren't born vicious. It's a learned and trained thing. The amount of humane cases against pitties alone I've seen is beyond any other type of breed or animal. That the hatred of pitties is a vicious cycle. That they have a stereotype aginst them, they are treated like wild animals, killed and abused, and therefore causing certain ones to act out because of the pain they've likely suffered. And the cycle continues. That's the truth.

  3. Phoenix and Iris "just wouldn't work out"? I don't get this at all. Then again I don't ship Wright and Edgeworth, so maybe that's part of the reason why. I've just always headcanoned Edgeworth as aro/ace and figured Phoenix would be in a happy relationship with Iris.

  4. This is interesting! I personally see Edgeworth as asexual and homoromantic, personally. I still 100% love Writeworth but I can see Pheonix and Iris. Pheonix is a disaster bisexual so either works for me lol

  5. To be fair, part of it is that I project with Edgeworth. While I'm not completely without any attraction (I can find women attractive, just have no interest in sex or a relationship) I do fall under the aromantic and asexual umbrella. Edgeworth is one of my favourite characters in the series and the way he reacts to getting hit on and relationships just feels so relatable lol.

  6. I actually relate! I'm aroace myself and I honestly relate to him a lot as well. He's one of the characters I really liked but wasn't sure why. I later realized it was because I felt he was ace and it was comforting to be validated like that even when I didn't know I was ace yet.

  7. HK and LN honestly have similar vibes so I'm loving this

  8. What a cute little dumbass. Little guy looks stoned out of its mind. Love them deeply.

  9. its for vets, they inmobilize them so they dont get bitten or scratched

  10. This. This isn't something a normal cat owner should have but when you have a feral cat on the loose these work wonders.

  11. I really enjoyed the femininity personally. It felt like a good play on “girls can wear pink and play Barbie’s but still kick ass”.

  12. I agree with this, totally. You just don't see a lot of representation of large women and in my mind, this was the perfect opportunity. But, I can 100% see this viewpoint as well

  13. I should have said in my original comment: please don’t take my response to mean I don’t understand your point or disagree with it. I totally understand where you’re coming from! I do love that she’s absolutely JACKED though.

  14. No, totally! I get what you are saying. The comment didn't come off as mean or dismissive or anything like that. I appriciate the clarification, none the less.

  15. P5R is kinda funny in the sense that it starts out with this guy who is such an evil asshole and it pulls you into the story like no other. You see him physically and sexually abuse high school students until once of them tries to

  16. I kinda agree but all of them are horrible people, still. Because this post is someone playing for the first time, I won't go in depth but they all are bad people. Sure, Komoshida is like dumpster flavored ass in terms of his personality but the rest aren't much better

  17. Human Stolas is adorable. Him finding the sunglasses to mimic his second set of eyes was so cute.

  18. I pretty much agree with these tiers. I know some function better than others but I’m vain and want Link to look good.

  19. My exact reason I like the Royal Gaurd stuff. Link looks great, even if they defense they give is the worst lmfao.

  20. I would like to butt in and say that shelters and rescues can be high stress environments for most animals. The nicest cats can be scared simply because of this. It just takes a good home and a better environment for their colors to really shine. We don't see the animals all day and when we were there, our attention can't be focused on a singular animal. So chances are, this is what the employee got with the little time they had with this cat.

  21. I got a male sim pregnant twice after being kidnapped by aliens

  22. Same. Two separate times and its like a 25% chance 😭

  23. Thing is, this isn't too outside of what I see from incels. If you really want to deep dive into the shithole that is incels,

  24. I love when people post the most unflattering photos of their pets. Like, impossibly ugly and I love it

  25. I traded my soul for a shiny rock but I don't see how that ties into being aro.

  26. Do people now know basic biology???? I'm astounded to how dense some people are.

  27. I'm aromantic so this may be because of that, but unless its behind the others back and not something they agree on this is that bad? Like, I get it if the other partner wasn't aware and it hurt them. I also got the vibe from this that this person doesn't have a positive viewpoint of strippers. That also didn't help. I could be wrong, though.

  28. I had this but only because my sim is famous. And also aroace 😐

  29. I've never been diagnosed but I feel like I do. Dyscalcula is similar to dyslexia but with math and I definitely feel like that's something I have. There are probably some other things that I'm not aware of, though.

  30. This just proves to me that most people jump on an incorrect assumption and its therefore truth lol

  31. This is a static grass applicator for anyone who was wondering.

  32. As someone who was an premature baby and is now a 21 year old adult, thanks?

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