1. Because the advantages in shooting it down are outweighed by revealing the capabilities involved in shooting it down.

  2. Exactly. There is a train of thought that they may be monitoring the responses online to guage the active responses to this balloon by the public and others that may be aloft. Like a Trojan Horse theory. Everyone is getting riled about it. Yes, they have weather satellites to monitor weather as well as other tracking satellites. Is the balloon necessary. No.

  3. God, it this woman.still put there. Go away Kari. You infamous moment of fame is over.

  4. You just know somebody had to feed this dunce this info so she had something to tweet about on Friday night. Totally clueless to the actual meaning of the song.

  5. While Trump just sat there and watched everything unfold down the block, then for 187 minutes was unresponsive and uncommunicative to stop it. Sure the Capital Police were thoroughly screened with extensive security background checks, whereas your SIL couldn't get past the security check screening because of his questionable business dealings, shady past and dubious associates.

  6. The Conspiracy People would like the government to shoot the balloon down, not realizing that might be exactly what the Chinese want

  7. They stopped allowing climbing the pyramids because of all the damage and graffiti on a national heritage and protected site.

  8. Don't let his bad financial mistakes become your bad financial mistake. Politely decline. This could become the barnacle friend you can't get rid of. He has no way of offering you rent or pay his way. Stick to your original plans to rent out your extra bedrooms to paying tenants.

  9. Someone has gotten some bad news and is crapping his diapers publically. No. We prefer him in no-where's-ville, obsessed with his ever sinking polls and a deaf ear from the GOP. His hysterical rants and * premonitions* get wilder by the day. Sure, it will be followed by another *big grift, money grab targeted to his devoted few.

  10. Except that the moment it entered our territorial waters off-shore they would have shot it down safely... if they had know it was there.

  11. Or they found/want to find a way to use it for counter-intelligence.

  12. Two, a crowd, doths not make. If people ever wanted to see a person talking out of their ass, this would be it.

  13. That's probably the most exercise either of them have seen in years.

  14. Maybe "single," but that hot and young ghost flew the coop several decades ago. How do you explain that you met, from an ad, pined to a bush, in the park. They are probably playing matchmaker for their children and grandchildren.

  15. Their first public lovers quarrel. How endearing. Someone's growing a spine and a set of balls at last. McCarthy probably got one of those calls at night to shut it down.

  16. Her attorney doesn't care. His billable hours will be the same either way. Fight over the Tupperware, the wedding China, the cat, the dog, granny's hand crocheted doilies, it's all the same Hell, let's go to court on visitation right for the pets and plants while we are at it. And, if you take way too long in his courtroom and piss the Judge off, clogging his calendar with your petty BS, he will divide equally your crap collection and end the matter. ~ Confessions of a Family Law Paralegal.

  17. Oh the gears are spinning, but the cogs don’t meet up

  18. He needs to see what tears of laughter look like. He's probably telling Trump that he didn't need his approval to run for anything.

  19. Pretty sure he's lying about not lying, which in itself is just another lie on top of all the other lies. Guy is a serial liar and doesn't care that he lies. Which is the only truth.

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