1. There is a lot more than 5 seasons in five years

  2. “Erm ackshully Socrates didn’t answer questions directly. He disregarded false hypotheses through dialectic” ☝️🤓

  3. Talk to an acupuncturist. They often use the tongue to diagnose (Fr!!)

  4. Might be...but i have never smoked or chewed tobacco...can someone get leukoplakia cutting out these factors?

  5. Like I said, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you that information for sure. Oral thrush is more likely than leukoplakia if you don’t smoke, but it could be something different. Earlier, I saw a dude mention acupuncture, which is a pseudoscience, so I would like to clarify that no-one here can diagnose you from this image alone. Be cautious to take advice from people on Reddit, as there are plenty of people here offering nonsensical advice. Speaking to an actual medical professional is the only way you’re going to get a reliable diagnosis and form of treatment. I would try to find a doctor that specializes in oral health—like a dentist.

  6. The vast majority of studies on the matter show that diverse thought helps teams of people to solve problems quicker and more efficiently, which as you might suspect, is quite valuable in military operations and research. Matt Walsh doesn’t care about “sense.” He operates entirely by emotion.

  7. Okay, but some leftists should be shit on. I don’t want solidarity if it’s with fucking tankies bro

  8. but... that is the point. challenging opinions/beliefs. It sounds like you are disagreeing with the post while agreeing at the same time. Or am I misunderstanding something here?

  9. My issue isn’t with people challenging arguments. It’s when people imply both sides of an argument are valid in their beliefs or that both sides are equal. Not every argument is worth consideration. On Twitter, for example, if the popular opinion in a thread is a democratic one, and the unpopular opinion is a fascistic one, is it really worth boosting a neo-nazi’s opinion just because it contradicts what most people believe?

  10. Yeah i agree, but the problem is that it is not always between democratic and facist. There are still normal people discussing politics.

  11. I never said it was always democratic and fascist. That was just an example of what the centrist “both sides’ points are always equal” mentality leads to in extreme situations. It’s why historically moderates and centrists wind up unintentionally propping up fascist uprisings in nations due to their inability to recognize that some arguments aren’t worth hearing out. What I said was that if a person believes every argument is equal, then one inevitably equates a valid argument with one that shouldn’t be considered at all, which Musk has been berated for on this sub time and time again.

  12. Weirdly enough, I’d say the YouTube comment section is more indicative of the audience maturing . I remember on pretty much all of Sam’s older vids, the entire comment section usually what you’d expect to see on the discord. Nowadays, the comments are far more tame. Not to mention the podcast comment section is surprisingly pretty funny too. What you see on his discord is essentially the group of Sam’s fans that didn’t move past the “haha le racial slur” type of humor that the majority of his fan base has moved on from. Additionally, mfs that hold extremely fringe worldviews tend to gravitate towards online spaces with no moderation, which is why there were a bunch of neo-nazis in the discord for a bit.

  13. This is 100% going to be misinterpreted and used as kindling for conservative grifters to justify stomping on the rights of trans folk

  14. Bought a copy as well after the podcast episode. ToldInStone was a really solid guest

  15. Global warming is caused by light that gets trapped in the atmosphere after it’s reflected, not absorbed.

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