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  1. Trade successfully complete for the Kohls GC and the Steam GC

  2. How’s the battery life when playing No Man’s Sky?

  3. Hmm well the only thing I can think of is Rage but the release time is off

  4. Unreal Championship 2 Battlefield 2 Modern Combat

  5. i’m in the same area and someone stole mine as well, try to park between other cars, honda’s are very susceptible

  6. Learned that the hard way. Thanks for the advice

  7. Army of two the 40th day is fun especially co op

  8. Solved! This one is definitely the one! Thank you

  9. Finish the CompTIA trifecta and apply for jobs

  10. Hey thanks! I think I will do exactly that. Does it matter which one I start with next?

  11. Network + then Secirity+ would be a good approach

  12. Perfect I was thinking the same! I’m going to get started looking for resources today! Thank you

  13. Honestly it’s a lapse of judgement in the company not your lack of skills. Clearly anyone with a brain can see you are dedicated to learning. Do not give up no matter what. It’s just a fluke and you will have more flukes until one job sticks and lands

  14. Oh it’s jack, well, that’s the name he goes by now, I was involved in an ARG of his back before whatever mental break he had that caused the name change. He’s also the creator of the card game SuperFight and the original author of the famous burrito rant. Problem with following his things though… is that he has a tendency to get distracted and not finish them.

  15. Ah I see, thanks so much for your insight. I thought I was losing it over thinking this haha. This really clears things up and now I have one less peanut butter jar to worry about in my life!

  16. jack dire!!! I remember he had an Instagram thing a few years ago where he would get like 10K or so people to follow this private alt account of his and then block people for small reasons (responded “no” to a poll, liked a post that specifically said do not like this post, commented something that rubbed him the wrong way, etc.) I got kicked out but last time he shared an update there were about 1000 people left.

  17. Wow! This is super insightful!!! Thank you, I was at a loss. What a guy! You pretty much solved this honestly! Man the only thing on my mind is that coin though. Thanks for sharing!

  18. is it hard? i'm scared that i'll not want to invest time into it because of difficulty

  19. It’s hard to get good at a level (getting the fastest time to get a reward) but it’s not hard as the game lets you progress no matter how long it took you to beat a level. You just get better medals for beating a level faster

  20. This a great shot, what kind of drone did you use if you don’t mind me asking?

  21. Can I enjoy this game if I usually play pve style games?

  22. Came here to check the same, maybe they may say something tomorrow

  23. Tempted to get W3, I already own it on GOG but it would be nice to have it playable on the Steam Deck.

  24. I heard you can install heroic launcher and play GOG games on your deck without having to install windows

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