1. When I started going to school in England, the side of my teacher's hand was covered with chalk from clearing the blackboard but we switched to whiteboards in my second year of primary school.

  2. They have to increase production of electricity at certain times of the day because so many people make tea at the same time.

  3. Someone who is unaffected by a negative event is more admirable than someone who was devastated by it but rose out of it.

  4. Didn't kiss the homies goodnight 😞 always kiss the homies goodnight 😠

  5. Woman in black. My friends and I laughed harder than we ever had before just ruthlessly mocking that movie.

  6. You don’t have to wear them in airports in the U.K. since the 27th of January, masks are no longer compulsory in indoor public places.

  7. I know but they remained voluntarily popular at that time and I was trying not to be a dick. I managed to find quiet corners to be without it but in more crowded areas I was making people nervous so I wore it.

  8. Fair one I’d have done the same, most people and most of the staff weren’t wearing them in Manchester so I put mine in my back pocket till the flight.

  9. Went there to meet a fantastic girl and we're an item now. Couldn't be happier. We're long distance but we're not the first to ever make it work. We'll be fine

  10. A poor understanding of the dynamic and their role in it. Being a dom doesn't mean you don't need consent and being a sub doesn't mean your needs/desires don't matter. Even vanilla sex is more dangerous and worse understood than it's given credit for. If you're going to get into BDSM, be fucking sure you know what you're doing and that your partner knows what they're getting into too.

  11. Yeah I remember when we would go to school in our underwear all day.

  12. As a lawyer, it's when a judge says "let's set legal considerations aside for a moment and focus on [whatever thing]." No, I don't think I will. The whole reason you need me to set aside legal considerations for a moment in order to focus on that is because there are legal considerations that I'm raising on behalf of my client that preclude doing that.

  13. If you need to set legal considerations aside to get your way, I don't think you should get it, your honor 🤨

  14. I guess any time we've avoided knee jerk emotional responses to issues that need intelligent ones instead. Sometimes we arrive at the same answer we did when we were in hysterics. But as engineers we take the time and effort to look at data, run experiments, consult with other engineers who've studies and solved similar problems. Sometimes we find out our first guess was right but we always say. "Now is not the time for knee jerk reactions" and we try to keep the company politicians out of our design and implementation activities. We don't always succeed though.

  15. NTA, you accommodated them to the point you fell asleep on your feet as an on duty doctor. Time they took steps to accommodate you.

  16. It's a fucking new born baby! They cry at all hours. OP is absolutely the AH.

  17. Sleep deprivation has been recognized by the international human rights framework as a method of torture. OP has the right not to be tortured. Soundproofing is not unreasonable. Would you want medical treatment from a doctor who's being consistently tortured?

  18. Who believes we (🇬🇧) should be doing that? I've never seen that seriously suggested by anybody.

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