1. They will remove the antenna for 2 month as a way to test if it was the reason the herd got sick.

  2. ITT, Americans still loving guns. Kind of insane.

  3. Do you know how many deer would be on the roads without hunters?

  4. do you understand that having gun rules does not mean no guns at all? There are hunters in Europe too, even people owning guns. But buying guns in supermarket is just insane.

  5. You can certainly live on less money in Europe. Things are less expensive, including transportation. I make my money in the USA and spend it in Europe.

  6. really depends, cars/fuel cost more in Europe. Electronics too. Food maybe less.

  7. Yet you'll never see American sports fans act as zealously nationalist as other countries do at soccer games.

  8. that's just football hooligans. Not really sport fans, they just go there to fight.

  9. Why are the shooting typically in places that have stricter gun laws? I’m not saying all but the data shows noticeably more in states and cities with strict gun laws. Also what laws do you propose?

  10. not being able to gt guns at supermarket.

  11. I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can anyone explain why it’s offensive? Is it that they’re commercializing the day? The article doesn’t really say.

  12. The cost cap needs moderation too. We had a plan, it was 175 million which was a significant decrease. Then it was lowered to 145-140-135 because of Covid. Now you add over 5% inflation to that and it just becomes ridiculous.

  13. 332 milionova populacia a siroka dostupnost zbrani. Aj keby sa zaviedol prisnejsi zakon ohladne vlastnictva zbrane, tak to nepomoze. Ak uz sa nejaky sialenec rozhodne, ze chce zabijat, tak tu zbran si zozenie.

  14. tak s nozikom, ale narobi mensie skody ako ked si kupi zbran v supermarkete.

  15. naco kontrokretne? Ze americania maju fetish na zbrane a je to chore na hlavu?

  16. Čo to má akože spoločné s tým, že už len na samotnej výrobe vodíka z toho henten zázrak pravdepodobne vychádza uhlíkovo horšie než 50ročný diesel?

  17. nepotrebujes ani baterky tie su tiez svinstvo.

  18. Prakticky nepisem nic okrem svojho podpisu. V skole som pisal pisanym ale F som pouzival tlacene z nejakeh odovodu. Ale nikdy som to nevedel precitat po sebe. Ale pisalo sa mi rychlejsie.

  19. With school shooting being national sport, I wonder why they still show them in shows.

  20. yes they are, but silently. You don't see any attacks here. I would say imported migrants are the problem.

  21. It blows my mind seeing not a single mask other than myself in crowded indoor settings, as if Covid has disappeared. Nevermind cases are triple where they were just a year ago at this time…

  22. how long do you want to keep the mask? 10 years?

  23. why would it? Only reason to go to cinema is action or some epic movies worth seen on a big screen. Not cartoons.

  24. mental block meaning money? And no charging stations?

  25. no, or at least I never heard this was a thing.

  26. dutch people have to be pretty good at ridding in peloton.

  27. tento clovek musi nieco brat. Jedna hovadina za druhou.

  28. keby ludia nevolili populistov a mafianov

  29. I keep seeing this. Have you seen the world of competitive cheer? Soccer? Volleyball? Swim? Track? Etc?

  30. I agree with you on the vicious cycle. I raced in a local parking lot crit a few months ago and of course there was 4-5 mens fields, and one womens open category.

  31. Why not just put women with men in that case, based on skill not gender. And they can have separate additional leaderboard for women category.

  32. No offense intended OP, but I always chuckle when Europeans compare their country to the US. Scale is completely different here in the US. And a lot of people who never grew up with such scale cannot begin to comprehend the implications

  33. but do you travel daily between states? US size is irrelevant to day to day life.

  34. Wait 10 days after symptoms stop before getting on the bike or any big activity. Then start slowly Z1, Z2 for few days. Your hr will be up a lot. It took about 3 weeks, from symptoms ended till I felt kind of back to normal. Now it's month and I think my hr is also going back to normal.

  35. Searched online for some leagues. Found 1 amateur nearby. I'm only in novice group which is small so the races end up mostly solo. It's not crit but road race around local roads, mostly around 30km. I race solo, started cycling in 2020.

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