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  1. You're not wrong, he stated that he only wants to post well made videos on his main channel and that his live channel would be for more relaxed type content. Plus he has a family now and is much more busy.

  2. We need to use this template more its preety good

  3. Tbh i think this is one of the missing 11 comandments

  4. When he first got it i think he said it cas there was a short cut right after he collected it

  5. This reminds me of a game called ordinary joe

  6. my guy just wanted to re-inact what happened to the afton's family

  7. WOW that is some epic fan art, and is that dan's yuu too in is hand ?

  8. ok hold on that not really fai- ok you kinda have a slight point

  9. bruh give him a break, uploading every day is like impossible

  10. Thing look insanly detaled, i think dan would enjoy it

  11. did i just get rickrolled...but with rap god ?

  12. omg this fan art looks azmazing ! You've got some skill

  13. I think nostalgia posts are really fun to see, but it is tru people are just posting low effort ones for karma farming, i think people should just downvote it if they think it is low quility (also anoucnt it that they should downvote cas some people just upvote anyways)

  14. every weeb in a 100 mile radius: let me show you the way

  15. um, u forgot to press all the other buttons to

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