1. ikr, they better not count that as his apology in the next update, because that betrayal was too big for an β€œI’m sorry” & dinner, they need to put in work lmao.

  2. No fr. I just finished his story again after I had deleted the app & THE HEARTBREAK IS STILL REAL. Like why

  3. I've been hearing a couple people have this glitch it's so weird, this glitch happened to me with the apocalypse group. It stopped glitching once it was released fully, not with premium.

  4. I miss him so bad but like why does he cut you off like that? He can just say he isn't ready 😭 want his update so bad

  5. I am so sad too because he was the first character I completed so I was waiting on him forever! & I see we only get one other date with the dude??? Like please. Also just noticed the pronoun change too after I deleted and came back. They could have at least went through the story that was already done to see where they could go next with it.

  6. Right when I delete the game they bring back my favorites πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ time to redownload

  7. I am so toxic sometimes I have 100 gems & I choose to be mean to some of them 😭

  8. I just think the "these glasses and half a sandwich changed my life" made it perfect for me. it shows that simple kindness can change someone's whole perspective

  9. yeah but they seem a bit boring lol, like i doubt ginny could stay with them long-term

  10. that's very true but then again I doubt ginny would stay in any friend group long

  11. they seem alright so far but we’ve only seen them in one scene so not much to judge on πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  12. I dont hate hunter he was a very sweet boyfriend, but I just couldnt handle him in some scenes

  13. idk I just think its weird that had to make it look JUST like Wednesday & she's a minor in the Netflix series.

  14. i get why she was freaked out, but talk to ginny abour it??? and her mum was such a bitch for doing an interview about it

  15. yess! like ginny would have been honest since she was so upset with her mom atp

  16. She was wrong for going to her parents knowing they were gonna make a big deal. She could’ve told Ginny how she felt but idk. I’m biased because I’m used to being around them.

  17. me too that's the only reason I asked πŸ˜‚. like I get being freaked out cause ginny said her mom pointed the gun at her but it is completely legal for her to own two guns.

  18. why did that part make me cry laughing 😭. it was horrible but so cringe, like it was a battle on who is more discriminated πŸ’€

  19. kind of. like this is the one thing he wants to do with his friends and you wont let him have a sitter for it? & I kind of get not waiting to waste money but if it's going to have him happier in the long run, then why not just do it?

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