1. Some religions think that all sex not aimed at creating children is sinful.

  2. Jesus is our savior, if you don’t believe in Him then you will burn in the fires of hell.

  3. A billion dollars could be given to feed the homel as schools church expenses etc, a Bible can’t do any of that

  4. I'm sensing this is a hypothetical and didn't actually happen, but just in case: it's none of your friggin business. Leave him alone!

  5. You are a strange person. 1 hour ago, on a different post, you said "I masturbate twice a day, it’s not a sin." 30 minutes ago you said what I'm responding to.

  6. Remember the parable of the lost sheep. This is true wisdom. Gender roles have yet to be fulfilled by men and women.

  7. God is the embodiment of infinity. He lives both inside and outside of you at the same time.

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