1. Baby succulent might still work! Or else.. candy like jellybean size.

  2. Aw! EJ looks just like my little girl did. Now she’s almost all cream coloured haha.

  3. Unpopular opinion, but I am a strong vote for the satin. Both look amazing on you, but for a Paris elopement the satin just feels right to me. It’s sultry and sophisticated yet still effortless in that very French way.

  4. UJU are great for a ~4 minute brain break. Find them on YouTube!

  5. I would pick Peru! Although it isn’t on your list, I highly think you should consider it.

  6. Where in Peru would you recommend? Anywhere safe with good internet access works!

  7. I would recommend Cusco or Arequipa. Lima was nice for a couple of days but I don’t think I would stay there long term.

  8. I recently booked two tours with them (Golden Circle and South Shore). On both tours they put me with Your Day Tours (a different but similar company I believe). Both tours were fantastic, but just wish I would have received a heads up that it was with that company. The first time the Your Day Tours van picked me up in the morning I was a bit confused!

  9. I usually arrive around 7:45AM and leave around 4:00. I have coworkers that will still be working away at 6:00PM and some that leave right after the bell rings. It’s certainly different for everyone and what boundaries you put in place for your own schedule.

  10. I use for walking around as it's offline maps are great

  11. Noticed Juan Pablo is possibly missing? No marker on either Manitoba or Mexico.

  12. This is seasons 1 to 8. He is in season 9. The numbers correspond to which place they took.

  13. So, I came on here to make a post specifically about Jesse’s shelter which has been a little controversial in the forums, but I saw this thread in the posts and decided my little post would fit better as a comment here.

  14. I also thought it would be a covered patio. Maybe a good place to store firewood.

  15. A lot! And she changed colours so quickly. Started out dark brown with some black splotches. Now she is light golden with some white and gray splotches.

  16. Definitely do not just stay in Reykjavik. Take a couple day tours. Maybe one to south coast and one for the golden circle. You could still spend an afternoon in Reykjavik (if you have three days there? not sure based on your post) and would have evenings on your tour days back in Reykjavik to wander around and grab a meal, see some sites, etc.

  17. I’m heading to Iceland solo this summer and not planning on driving either as I have a short stay, it’s a big expense when you are solo, and I’m just more comfortable not driving alone in a new country. I’m planning on booking a couple of day tours (currently looking at Arctic Adventures). I would disagree that the day tours are expensive though. I would say as a rough average most are around 10 hours and $100. That’s not bad for a very full day of driving and seeing sites.

  18. If you are totally split between the two, one is nearly half the price. Go with the cheaper pick!

  19. Im going there for 3 nights and staying at c-diplomat hotel for CAD$230 altogether. They said this hotel is noisy due to close proximity to the train station but id rather be close to the train station to avoid bus or taxi rides to and from. As per reviews of the hotel, its pretty decent.

  20. Just a heads up, we have been looking at booking a stay at one of the C-Hotels (..I think there are four in Florence) and it looks like everyone who books at one of their hotels gets moved to C-Hotels Ambasciatori. Seems to have been happening since January, however, maybe someone in Florence might comment on this. For that reason, we didn’t end up booking. Might not hurt to get in touch with them!

  21. Hello, thanks for the heads-up. I googled that hotel you mentioned and they are very close to each other (near the S.M.N train station) which i dont mind. Is that the same as Ambasciatori Hotel?

  22. Yep, I believe all four C-Hotels are close to the train station.

  23. Beautiful pictures! Planning something very similar this summer. What type of shoes did you wear in the ice cave?

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